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MasonWorld Twitter Updates for Week Ending 2010-08-21

  • @jdanielcook Ah ha! Found a problem. It seems that if you don't include the audio file in the feed, itunes gets mad. Go figure. LOL in reply to jdanielcook #
  • d@jdanielcook Thanks. I agree it is still not working. I am having trouble figuring out why. Still looking. #
  • I would rather chew on chards of glass than troubleshoot an itunes feed. #
  • Got a Apple Magic Trackpad for my iMac today. Nifty. Bet my wife steals it. #
  • @BobTheTeacher Thanks, man. Was it good for you? in reply to BobTheTeacher #
  • Hoping to get most of the experiment tasks queued up in my task software for my VAs this weekend. #
  • Niche experiment cost so far– domain ($10) and PLR ($35). Next stop, great keyword research and find affiliate offer(s). #
  • Found a very interesting PLR theme / site pac for my Niche Site competition. Bought it and sent it to the VA to install and customize. #
  • @jdanielcook Weird. Podcast is in the feed. I pinged Itunes ping service. Let me know if you can see it. Should only take a few minutes. in reply to jdanielcook #
  • Hey #NAMS — will someone hug @lynnterry and @NicoleDean for me? You can hug @BobTheTeacher too — just not "from me". LOL #
  • @IMMikeMurphy Thanks Mike. I will check it out for sure. in reply to IMMikeMurphy #
  • Two PLR rules: 1. Only use excellent quality PLR and always edit PLR to make it better in your voice. #
  • Depends on what you want to do @SmartIncomeBlog. I would seldom ever use PLR without editing. I would not use PLR for authority content. #
  • @jdanielcook Weird. I don't see it either. I will investigate and let you know. Thanks for the heads up. in reply to jdanielcook #
  • Just purchased a ton of cheap guitar PLR for my niche project. VA will write autoresponder emails from the PLR… http://fb.me/CRImumAV #
  • As you can see, Pat Flynn is taking a more careful and thoughtful
    approach. I am taking a quick and dirty fire and forget approach. #
  • I chose learn guitar basics dot net simply by putting "learn guitar" into micro niche
    finder and asking it to… http://fb.me/BHPQ7fBQ #
  • I've decided to tackle the "learn guitar" niche for my part of the duel over at the Smart Passive Income with Pat… http://fb.me/DZhzu76Q #
  • I am joining in on the "Niche Site Duel" fun over at Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn . Pat is planning on… http://fb.me/sGOkBqsg #
  • Awesome video from Jimmy D. Brown — 10 most important internet business lessons http://bit.ly/coPhHr #
  • @jeremyfrandsen I am trying to work in exercise — just a 20 minute run in the morning — but I am falling way short on self-discipline. in reply to jeremyfrandsen #
  • @jeremyfrandsen I like to get some IM work done before work, and I take the girls to school every morning. in reply to jeremyfrandsen #
  • @jeremyfrandsen I could start calling you at 4:45 every morning when I roll out of bed. in reply to jeremyfrandsen #
  • @PatFlynn You rank #1 in Google for "Speaking in Front of Large Crows" (exact match). Of course, you are the only listing. LOL in reply to PatFlynn #
  • Hey @kevinriley — Ran across this very old post (2008) written at Narita. Made me think of you. Hope all is well. http://bit.ly/azPNiq #
  • Hey @PatFlynn I am running time machine + Mozy. Any disaster that takes out both of those is BAD. #
  • @retta719 WHY NOT? TRY HARDER! in reply to retta719 #
  • I would pay money for a hardware device that made Camtasia render video faster. #
  • @retta719 Thanks. I am never sure whom to trust on WF. in reply to retta719 #
  • Anyone out there use SENuke SEO software? Comments? Like? Dislike? Worth the cost? #
  • Listening to old Indigo Girls CD. Thinking "manly thoughts" between tracks to maintain my masculine identity. #
  • RT @Josh_Spaulding: Email Marketing effective a few years from now? http://bit.ly/caicRT @colligan says YES on last @imtw episode #
  • I love finding uncashed affiliate checks tucked away in piles of stuff. #
  • @PatFlynn Did you like Zach's intro? in reply to PatFlynn #
  • RT @PatFlynn: @markmason – I seriously can't get your podcast intro out of my head. Arghh! http://bit.ly/b7jOiF LOL blame @geoffsmith #
  • Traveling to #NAMS Put this on your iPod and listen on the plane http://bit.ly/aEZTHs #
  • Funny how @NicoleDean keeps coming up in my podcast interviews http://bit.ly/aEZTHs #
  • This interview with @PatFlynn will blow you away http://bit.ly/aEZTHs #
  • It's official. Jimmy D. Brown has lost his mind. http://bit.ly/cOjZKX #
  • I just bought this (Wow)! http://aweber.com/b/1P6_i #
  • – Just in case you missed these… http://aweber.com/b/13rBi #
  • @michellem wow. Neat. Amazed someone would invest in a site like that and not own it (wordpress.com). in reply to michellem #
  • Working on a case-study post about this JV list building opportunity (still time to participate) http://bit.ly/9OuEoZ #
  • @WillieCrawford The iPad application that I use the most is GoodReader. in reply to WillieCrawford #
  • @kevinriley Hmmm. Tiny island versus ginormous sprawling monster country. I'm thinkin' 3 is not so bad. in reply to kevinriley #
  • I have decided to do a case study on JV GiveAways . Follow along (and grow your list) http://bit.ly/9OuEoZ #

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