Some of your most loyal fans (and best buyers) can come from direct type in traffic. They visitors actually remember the name of your site, and type it directly in their browser. In this episode I discuss the best direct type in traffic example that I know ( and explain this powerful traffic source.

In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Minute, we discuss

We’ve spent several episodes, starting with Episode 14, talking about how to get traffic to this affiliate website that you’ve built. There are lots of ways to do it and in Episode 14 I named just five of them. We talked about paid traffic and we talked about organic traffic, both of those coming from Google as a primary example. In the last episode we talked about ways to get traffic from social media.

In this episode I’d like to talk to you a little bit about direct type in traffic. We’ll talk about email traffic in Episode 19, but right now what I want to talk about is the case where someone opens up their web browser and types your website in directly. That’s a really cool thing. It implies some brand recognition and trust, so that makes that visitor a really important visitor.

It turns out in this day and age of affiliate marketing there are sort of two approaches when it comes to building websites.

One is to build a really thin website that’s pretty easy to build and not make it really deep, not try to boil the ocean as they say. Maybe it has five to 10 pages of outstanding content on some particular topic and then you’re just done with that website.

Maybe you have a website on the different kinds of very high end pens and you’re focused in on a particular kind of Mont Blanc pen, and maybe you review three or four Mont Blanc pens and have some additional information about the history of pens and some other useful interesting information, and then you’re done with that site. Your hope is that people will visit that site occasionally, learn something really helpful, and buy a Mont Blanc pen through your affiliate link.

More likely though, as the internet changes, we’re seeing more and more affiliate marketers move towards larger sites. The reason is some of these search engine algorithms are starting to favor more authoritative sites that take a broader approach to whatever topic it is that they’re trying to cover. It makes sense, if someone is really serious about something they’re usually not building a 10 page site, they’re usually a 100 page site or more.

I’ll tell you one of the best examples of this, and I think probably one of the best affiliate websites I’ve ever seen on the internet that’s just a pure affiliate marketing play, they do take some paid advertising but mostly they got their start from affiliate marketing. It’s a photography site called (Digital Photography Review).

This site far and away, at least in my opinion, has absolutely the best content for reviewing digital cameras and the equipment in that space. Their reviews are these amazing 10 page, highly technical reviews written by experts that actually have their hands on the equipment and are actually doing side by side testing. It’s amazing. It makes something like Consumer Reports look like Kindergarten time. These guys are super serious about photography and they have the best content on the internet for product review of photography over at DP Review.

What happens with that? When you’re on that site what you’ll see is, and they’re very transparent about this, there will be links there that you can use to buy your stuff to support the site. If you use those links to support the site they get a commission. That’s where a big chunk of their revenue comes from over at DP Review. It’s absolutely brilliant. You get amazing incredible can’t-live-without content and they get commissions on the things that you buy. It’s a total win-win situation and a really great example.

In order for that to work as well as possible they need a domain name that people can remember. DP Review is just such a name. It’s short, it’s easy to type, it’s easy to tell people about that site – I tell people about that site all the time. That direct type in traffic is really special because those are buyers that trust that name already so much that they’ve committed it to memory.

If you’re going to build this kind of site where you expect people to return or you want them to tell their friends, I think it’s really important that you choose a domain name that people can remember and that sounds reasonable for the thing that your site is about.

It’s not going to help you that much in search engine rankings, but it will help you in click through rates on the search engine. It’s not going to help you rank your page higher in the search engines, but if you have a few people that are out there evangelizing your site, if they can remember the name that certainly helps a lot and that will create a lot of brand loyalty.

What’s important to remember about direct type in traffic is that those are going to be some of the most loyal and highest converting visitors that you’ll have on your site.

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