In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Minute, we discuss your affiliate marketing website? Have you ever stopped an asked yourself “Self, do I need a website for affiliate marketing?” The short answer is absolutely YES, but maybe not for the reason that you think. Learn why in today's show.

In Episode 10 we talked all about how you’re going to build this fantastic website full of great content around the niche topic that you identified back in Episode 9. It’s going to be a great website with lots of helpful information. The goal of this website is going to be to attract buyers with all of this helpful content and match them to offers that you find on the internet, resulting in commissions for you.

It’s a really good plan, but you might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a website in order to do that?” After all, you could probably do that on Twitter or Facebook, for example. And people do that every day, they tweet their affiliate links and they post them on Facebook and they make commissions. Of course, as you’ve heard many times, if you do that too much on Facebook and Twitter, constantly pitching products, your followers won’t follow you anymore because they get tired of being sold to. But you can absolutely match offers with buyers in that situation and make commissions, no question about it.

There’s one major problem with that approach. That is that you don’t really control Facebook. In fact, worse than that, as the marketer trying to make a living on Facebook you’re really not Facebook’s customer. Advertisers are Facebook’s customer. If you’re tweeting on Twitter or posting posts on your fan page on Facebook, you’re not really their customer and you don’t really own that content. Once you put it on Facebook that’s their content. If they decide to delete your Facebook page for any reason that page is gone and with it goes your investment in establishing that brand there on Facebook or the same on Twitter.

We’ve seen this happen many times before. In those cases you don’t really have any connection or any ability to reach those people again. You essentially have to start all over from scratch.

If you build a website, as we’ll learn later, not only do you have the opportunity to rank in the search engines – and don’t make any mistake here, you’re not Google’s customer either in this case, but in addition to ranking in the search engines you have the opportunity to capture your visitor’s email address in a mailing list, which allows you to reach them again.

We’ve heard many great stories and one of my favorites is from my friends over at Internet Business Mastery. They tell a story about a friend of theirs that one day lost his business to his partners, his partners squeezed him out, and the only thing he was able to leave with was his mailing list. Sure enough, essentially the next day he was back in business. He emailed his customers, he told them “I’ve moved, here’s my new website address,” and he was able to recover a lot of that business. He took the business with him. There’s no way for you to do that on Facebook and there’s no way for you to do that on Twitter.

A similar problem with content. When you write content, when you create this fantastic content and put it on your website it’s your content. When you put it on Facebook, that’s Facebook’s content. Sure, you may be the author, but if they decide to take it down then that’s just tough. We’ve seen that many times. Someone complains about content or some other dispute occurs and the reaction of the web 2.0 service provider (in this case Facebook, Twitter,, or Blogger) is just to take the content down. That’s the easiest thing for them to do.

If you want to build a viable business, the best thing for you to do is stay in control of as much of your business as you possibly can.

This is a common example that I’ve heard said many times. How much sense does it make to build a fantastic home with brick and stone, a swimming pool, and all of these great amenities on a piece of property that you’re renting? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Same thing with your website content. Why deal with a rental when you can own your own home, your own website.


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