As promised in episode 014, it's time to talk about email list traffic — that is, traffic that you generate by sending an email to your subscribers that points them back to your site.  As you might expect, email list traffic is a top source of visitors (and revenue) for successful affiliate marketers. In this episode I discuss the fundamental mistake I see most often — failure to collect emails. I also talk about how to get the emails, and what to do with them.

We’ve been talking a lot about traffic and I promised you that Episode 19 would be about email traffic, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.

One of the mistakes that affiliate marketers often make is they fail to capture the email address of the visitor that visits their site. They do all this work to build a beautiful website, or sometimes not so beautiful, to get a website up and running with content, monetized with affiliate offers, they do something to generate traffic, and when they visitor comes they don’t make any attempt to actually capture that user’s email to make it available for marketing later.

It’s a very simple thing to do. In my case, I use AWeber to do this. There are lots of other tools out there, but these are generally called autoresponders. You might be asking two very obvious questions when it comes to this kind of email capture. One is why would someone give me their email address? The second is what would I do with it? Let me answer those for you.

The first one is easy, people are going to give you their email address, which is something of value, in exchange for something that you give them, something of equal or greater value. That’s how exchanges work. To capture people’s email addresses you simply need to offer something on your website that we refer to in internet marketing as a lead magnet.

It could be a downloadable PDF, an email course about the topic that they might be interested in, weekly updates, something that people are going to say, “I want that thing and I’m willing to give my email address to this person that I don’t know very well in order to get it.” That’s what I’m talking about.

You’ll need a lead magnet. That’s something we’ll talk about in a future episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Minute. If you want an example, you can go to and you’ll see that I have a lead magnet there on the site where I’ll be asking for your email address in exchange for some helpful information about internet marketing. That’s the perfect example.

In the case of an affiliate marketer what makes a lot of sense is you can offer someone a helpful guide that helps them use a product you think they ought to buy or helps them decide how to buy a product. Let me give you an example.

In the last episode of the Internet Marketing Minute we talked about the site that is all about cameras. Let’s say you have a site about cameras and your thing is evaluating flash units for high end cameras, like a Canon Speedlite flash, those big flashes that mount on top of the camera. You’ve reviewed all of the popular ones and you have a website that helps people pick a flash, and maybe in some cases even use that flash. If people buy those flashes through your link you get a commission.

Maybe when they arrive at your site they’re presented with a box that says, “Learn how to take fantastic flash pictures in four easy steps.” That sounds pretty good. I’ll tell you, as a photographer, flash pictures inside are really hard to take on some occasions. I could really use something like that. I opt in and you send me the report. In the report not only do you give me affiliate links to the right flash to buy to solve my problem of how to take great pictures, but you tell me how to use it. I’m happy, you’re happy, I buy the flash, I’ve got great pictures, everyone is thrilled.

I’ve also got your email address. When I go through and add some new content to my site I can email you and say, “I have this new flash content here about these new techniques I’m using with flashes. Here’s some more free excellent content, visit the site.” That gets readers back to your site.

There is a cost to acquiring leads, whether it’s a sweat equity cost or, in the case of paid traffic, a monetary cost, you spend energy to acquire leads. Once you get that lead, the energy to get them back to the site can be considerably lower. A lot of times all you have to do is remind them that you exist and that you have something great to offer them.

You can even make offers directly through email. You can offer them links back to your site, which is a way that you can generate traffic with email, or you can even make affiliate offers directly in the email. Both of those can be incredibly effective.

I think the major point here is to avoid this mistake that a lot of internet marketers make. Don’t wait to add opt in forms and lead magnets to your website. That can be an incredibly source of traffic for you for years to come.

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