In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Minute, we discuss five types of traffic that you should be thinking about for your affiliate website. Where to get traffic for your affiliate website can be one of the trickiest topics in affiliate marketing. In this episode, we touch briefly on paid traffic, organic traffic, social media traffic, direct traffic and traffic that comes from your email list. Enjoy!


In Episodes 12 and 13 of the Internet Marketing Minute we talked all about creating content for this new affiliate marketing website and then monetizing that content with affiliate offers. Basically what you have is a website that’s really helpful for people that occasionally recommends products or has products advertised in banner ads, and if people click those links that point at those products and they go ahead and buy those products on the manufacturer’s website, you get a commission. That’s essentially the essence of affiliate marketing.

The question is where are these people coming from, where can you get traffic for these affiliate websites. I’ll tell you there are five sources of traffic for affiliate websites that I think can be important in your marketing strategy.

The first source is of course paid traffic. This is the kind of traffic where you go to Google, you buy Google Adwords ads or perhaps you buy banner traffic. You pay for those ads and people click on those ads, and as a result of clicking on the ads they come to your website. For affiliate marketers, while this can be kind of tricky, the idea is that you want to work out a situation where you pay less for the leads than you actually make in profits.

If you can spend $1.00 to make $1.10 and you do that 1,000 times, you’ve made $100. That can be a really good deal. The challenge is getting the math to work out and, as I’ve proven many times, it’s also very easy to spend $1.00 to make $0.90. In any case, you can always pay for traffic for your websites and a lot of times that’s a really good way to test the conversion capability of the offers that you’re making on your website.

The second kind of traffic, the kind of traffic that we always talk about at Late Night Internet Marketing with regard to affiliate websites, is organic traffic. This is where you write fantastic content that ranks in the search engines for terms that people are typing into Google and those searchers reach your website and they convert into sales through your affiliate links.

That’s great traffic because it’s essentially free in the sense that you don’t pay for it, but of course there is sweat equity involved in creating the content and ranking the site and so forth. Organic traffic is the second form of traffic that I think is really important for affiliate sites.

The third form of traffic that a lot of people want to talk about is social media traffic. You can post your content to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites and you can have some success getting people to see those posts, click through to your website, get engaged, and then eventually click through to the affiliate offer.

This can be tough because a lot of the magic of social media comes with generating really good social media content and getting trust with your followers. Sometimes it takes an investment to get these social media accounts going, but you can definitely do it that way.

The fourth type of traffic that I think is also really important is direct type in traffic. If you have the kind of website that is being updated constantly and people are wanting to see what you’ve written this week on your blog, then you’ll get people just typing in your website just to see what’s on the front page or coming back to you from an RSS reader, so you have this kind of recurring traffic as the fourth kind of traffic.

These are loyal readers who are coming to your website week after week to see what kind of content you’ve written. This can happen a lot with really popular blogs, not so much with affiliate websites that are thinner and are designed particularly to target at some very narrow problem, because typically you’re building these and you’re not updating them week after week. But that is still a kind of traffic that you can have, especially if you’re choosing to build an authority website in your space.

The final type of traffic that I think is worth mentioning today is traffic that comes from your email list. I always recommend to affiliate marketers that they begin collecting emails from day one so that they can tell people who visit their blog what’s going on and get them back, or they can capture leads of people that are interested in certain topics on their blog and give them additional information through email, keep them engaged, and eventually give them affiliate offers through email. Either way, you can use your email list to drive traffic back to your blog and I think that’s a fifth important kind of traffic for affiliate marketers.

There you have it; paid traffic, organic traffic, social media traffic, traffic that comes from loyal readers as direct type in traffic, and traffic that comes from an email list. Over the next several weeks we’ll break each one of these down a little further and give you a better picture of when you can use these kinds of traffic generation strategies and how they might apply to your project.


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