In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Minute, we discuss where to find affiliate offers that are a perfect match to your audience. Matching offers with buyers is the first and most important job of an affiliate marketer — but to do that, you have to find great offers. Learn the best places to look for excellent affiliate products that you can promote.

Last week in Episode 12 we talked about the ways to get the initial 20 or 25 posts of content on your website. The main idea is to create content, especially at first, that is specifically designed to try and help prospective readers. The things that you want to tell people about your niche, your topic area, your area of expertise that you think they need to know and that will really help them.

Our goal here is affiliate marketing, so that means eventually we’re going to need some products. The question is where do we find these products? How do we know whether or not affiliate products exist? And what really is that anyway?

The idea with affiliate marketing is that we take the traffic on our blog and create a situation where people want to check out products that we either recommend or somehow link to on our blog. You might recommend the product and say, “I think this is the best widget for this task. Here’s a link if you’d like to buy it through my affiliate link.”

Or you might just have a banner ad on the side of your blog where you say I’m talking about XYZ, here’s an ad that’s related to that. While I don’t make a specific recommendation for this product, it’s advertisement and if the person clicks on that ad and buys the product you would get a commission in the same way that you would if you recommended it.

The question is where do I find these products? I’m going to give you three sort of simple answers that are really easy to wrap your mind around. Maybe I’ll even give you a bonus fourth advanced answer.

The first answer is most big places that you’ve heard about –,,, etcetera – have affiliate programs. In addition to that, you can usually find some of these products that you might be interested in promoting in big affiliate aggregators like or

So the major retailers and some companies specifically set up to aggregate affiliate products exist out there and the combination of all those amounts to hundreds of thousands, or millions or tens of millions maybe, of products that are available for you to promote on your blog and get affiliate commissions for the sales of those products. There’s absolutely no shortage of those kinds of products.

In addition to these physical products, there’s also a rich array of electronic products out there at places like and, and a host of other affiliate outfits out there that are really set up to help people sell information products.

So that’s two kinds of products we’ve talked about so far; physical products and information products that you can sell as an affiliate.

In addition to that, usually authors of high end online products, like Best Year Ever from Michael Hyatt for example, will have an affiliate program that is run by them. You can sign up to those kind of things, typically on a product by product basis.

Still, sometimes it might be a little bit hard to find the thing that you are looking for, that perfect product. It’s not on Amazon, it’s not at, it’s not an information product. You can go to a source like, which aggregates affiliate offers from all of these different places on the internet to help you find them. There are so many affiliate programs available on the internet, tries to be a database that you can search and find affiliate offers that you may not have been able to find.

Then the bonus tip I’ll give you is just go to Google and search for whatever your key phrase is and affiliate. So “basket weaving affiliate” or “red crayon affiliate” or “blue suede shoes affiliate.” If there are affiliate programs out there the internet that’s a really good way to find them because the word affiliate is pretty unique and paired together with your topic of interest that’s a really easy way to go and find some affiliate programs that are otherwise hard to find.

I’ll give you another bonus tip. Sometimes if there’s a product that you really believe in and they don’t have an affiliate program, you can contact the marketing manager and make some arrangement. You can just write to them and say, “Do you have an affiliate program?” and maybe they’ll write back and say, “No, but we’ve been thinking about it. Would you like to be our first affiliate?” or they might say, “No, what is an affiliate program and how do we do that?” and you can help educate them on what they would need to do to set up an affiliate program and what that would look like and send them off in a direction where they would create that and you could be one of their first affiliates.

Those are just some ideas. I’ll tell you affiliate programs are plentiful, they’re out there and you can find them for your niche, almost guaranteed in every case.

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