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LNIM074 – Duplicate Content And SEO

duplicate content

Is duplicate content having a negative impact on your SEO?  Duplicate content is one of the most debated (and misunderstood) SEO topics on the planet. It is true that one of the things that Google is very concerned about is duplicate content -- but it might not be the kind of duplicate content that you… Continue Reading

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LNIM073 – Are Broken Links Killing Your SEO?

impact of broken links on SEO

Are broken links on your site having a negative impact on your SEO?  One of the things that Google is very concerned about is user experience, and broken links create a bad user experience.  In the Rankings Institute week two, I learned a few things about the impact of broken links on SEO and how… Continue Reading

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LNIM072 – Content Is King For SEO


Are you wondering if content is still king for SEO?  I mean, for while there, it looked like the only thing that was important was getting as many spammy back links as possible.  And judging by the kind of junk that is ranking in Google, things were looking bad for King Content.  But things are… Continue Reading

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LNIM071 – Starting A Niche Site Business with Justin Cooke

Build Bridges

Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers is in the house!  In this episode, we get Justin to tell us about his experience building thousands (yes, thousands) of niche web sites.  He talks all about his experiences, how he and Joe built the business, and what he thinks is still possible.  This rounds out our series on… Continue Reading

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LNIM070 – Farnoosh Brock On Improving Your Day Job

Hard time job

Today, I've asked Farnoosh Brock to come back on the show.  Every day it seems like I have a conversation with someone about how they want to get into internet marketing because they are trying to get out of their day job.  That makes me wonder how many people are throwing out the baby with… Continue Reading

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IMM004 – Two More Really Cool Internet Business Models


Last week, we talked about some of the most popular internet business models.  This week, I describe two very common exciting internet business approaches:  information marketing and blogging.  There are some very cool benefits to both, and I discuss one particular example that might surprise you -- an ebook about how to buy carpet.  Yes… Continue Reading

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LNIMV011 – Andrew Is Coming

Rankings Institute SEO for affiliate marketing traffic

Hey -- Andrew is coming.  Well, we are having a webinar about SEO and traffic and other cool stuff.  The thing is, the webinar happens tomorrow (Tuesday, January 21).  So, this is time sensitive.  Here is a short video that I shot talking about what is planned for the event.  I hope to see you… Continue Reading

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LNIM069 – Andrew Hansen On Forever Affiliate Success Rate


In this episode, we talk to Andrew Hansen about  Forever Affiliate success rates.  Remember, in  episode 067 I talked a little about the hard truth about affiliate marketing.  In episode 068, we went through several listener responses and questions that came in after episode 067.  Specifically, we addressed stuff like whether or not people can actually make money… Continue Reading

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IMM003 – Internet Business Models For Beginners

internet business model girl

When I first started trying to understand internet marketing business models, I knew absolutely nothing.  I did not understand how advertising worked, how credit card payments were accepted, how money moved around -- nothing.  All I knew was that I wanted to have an internet business.  What I needed to know was what types of… Continue Reading

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LNIM068 – Forever Affiliate Truth – Listener Response


In this episode, we take a look at listener feedback to episode 067 about Forever Affiliate.  I that last episode, I talked a little about the hard truth about affiliate marketing.  In this episode, we go through several listener responses and questions that came in after the episode.  Specifically, we address stuff like whether or… Continue Reading

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LNIMV010 – I’m Alive

Doctor shows information on blackboard: alive

Hey gang!  I am alive.  Rumors of my demise are somewhat overstated.  I was really sick to start of the new year, but I am up and running now and have a ton of really cool stuff planned for 2014.   I got out of the house for the first time in almost a week… Continue Reading