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Do You Want To Build And Grow Your Own Internet Business?

My name is Mark Mason, and I teach busy people just like you how to build and grow their own profitable online businesses.

Powerful Free Resources For Your Business.

Take advantage of these valuable free resources to kickstart your online business today.  These have been specifically deigned to address the most common kinds of help people just like you need to move ahead.

I'm Brand New To Internet Business

Everyone that builds a successful online business starts at the beginning.  If that's you (and you feel terribly  confused like I was), don't worry.  I've got you covered with my popular 100% free course.

I'm Interested In Affiliate Marketing

The best business model for new internet marketers is Affiliate Marketing.  Learn why (and if Affiliate Marketing is right for you) in my 100% free Intro To Affiliate Marketing Video short course.

I Need Some Serious Weekly Motivation

I know better than anyone how important it is for entrepeneures to stay motivated.  My 100% free Monday Motivational Memo will give you the edge you need to make progress each week.

I honestly believe that Zig Ziglar had it right –you really can get everything you want in life by helping other people get what they want.  

So the question is, how can I help you? 

Need More Help? Listen To My Weekly Podcast!

Tired of listening to podcasts that just help you make it through the day?  How about a podcast that's designed to help you change your life.

The Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast has been on the air helping people build and grow their internet businesses since 2009.  It's designed to be that extra dose of “How and Why” you need to move forward in your business each week.

Looking For More?

Here are some additional resources that may help you move your business forward.

internet marketing podcast


The Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast is a fun weekly online radio show where I discuss internet business and other cool success topics.


I've been blogging about internet and affiliate marketing since 2008.  There are years of great online business tips and tricks in the archives.


People alway want to know what tools I use in my online business.  All of my favorites are listed here (including some reviews and tutorials).


Teaching is my passion, and here you find courses (free and paid) on internet marketing and related topics.  Late Night IM shirts are here too!

Recently, on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast

Here's the latest from “The Little Studio In The Great State Of Texas.”

10 Killer Headline Tips [LNIM169]

Headlines are one of the most often overlooked copywriting elements.  Would you like to be able to write killer headlines?  In this episode, I offer 10 killer tips that will have you writing headlines like a pro in no time.  All this and more on the...

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Keys To Copywriting With Rusty Ryal [LNIM168]

Need to do your own sale page or add copywriting but not sure where to start?  In this episode, professional copywriter and former Major League Baseball player Rusty Ryal reveals the three most important things you need to know as a new copywriter.  He also reveals...

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10 Killer Copywriting Tips For Beginners [LNIM167]

These 10 simple copywriting tips will have you writing better sales copy by the time you finish this podcast.  This includes copy for sales pages, blog posts, landing pages, facebook ad, and any other place you need to convince people to take an action.  All this and...

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What People Are Saying About Late Night Internet Marketing

“Kind words do not cost much.  Yet they accomplish much.”  — Blaise Pascal 

Not The Usual Suspect – And Thank God!

Mark Mason hosts one of the few “internet marketing” podcasts that I deem worh listening to.  While most such shows are thinly-veiled attempts to sell mostly questionable merchandise, Mark's podcast is not one of the “usual suspects”.  He brings a combination of insightful commentary and refreshing candor, plus practical “how-to” information.  This show is especially suited to those balancing their online business activities with a full-time job (thus the show's title).  It also has a catchy, hard-to-forget jingle.  I listen to every episode, and so should you if you want to learn the inside secrets to making a living on the web. Ray Edwards

Master Copywriter and CEO, Ray Edwards International, Inc.

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