We explore organic search engine traffic in this episode of the Internet Marketing Minute. This is the sort of traffic that comes to you “for free” from search engines like Google and Bing. Organic search engine traffic should be a part of any affiliate marketing traffic strategy.

Back in Episode 14 we talked about five different sources of traffic for your affiliate website. You’re going to need traffic because your goal with affiliate marketing is to convert that traffic into buyers of affiliate products that generate commissions for you.

In Episode 15 we talked about one of those sources of traffic being paid traffic. We talked about the most famous example out there of Google Adwords, something that has been around since the beginning and routes billions of dollars of traffic every year to websites around the web.

Today we’re going to talk about the second traffic source that was mentioned in Episode 14, which is organic traffic. It’s search engine traffic. Again, we turn to the example of Google to help you understand where organic search traffic is coming from and how you get it.

A lot of people are very interested in organic traffic because it’s free traffic. It’s traffic that Google, Bing, and other search engines like DuckDuckGo will send you for free. It’s very attractive from a return on investment standpoint.

It sort of works like this. You have a website. As we’ve all done hundreds of times, as a user of Google you go to Google.com and you type a phrase in the search bar because you’re looking for something. Maybe you’re looking for a solution to a problem or you’re looking to buy something. You put a search term into Google and, bingo, 10 websites come back surrounded by a bunch of ads that Google has placed there. Those ads are part of the paid traffic that we talked about back in Episode 15.

On the heart of that page there are usually 10 websites listed with page titles, page descriptions, and URLs are shown there. The searcher gets the opportunity to pick from those 10 websites and the ads that have been placed on the page to decide where to go next.

How do you get on that listing? How does Google decide what your page is about and decide whether or not you’re the best page to list there? That entire topic is search engine optimization (SEO) and that’s something that we’ll talk about in a later episode of the Internet Marketing Minute.

For now, let’s assume that Google has decided that your website is one of the best matches on the entire internet for the search phrase that some user has typed into their browser on Google.com.

I’ll give you a concrete example. Let’s say as a child you were fascinated with Elvis Presley music, maybe your mom listened to Elvis Presley. So you decided that you were going to build your internet empire around the incredibly profitable niche of blue suede shoes. You have this online blue suede shoes mecca, everything you could ever want to know about how to find and select the best pair of blue suede shoes is located on your website.

Sure enough, when a visitor comes to Google and types “blue suede shoes review” up pops your article, among a list of nine other webpages, on The Top 10 Blue Suede Shoes and the one that you pick and recommend other people to buy.

By the way, the most important characteristic of search engine rankings is the position on the page, which determines what links are going to get clicked the most. The higher you are up towards the top of the page, the more likely it is that your link will get clicked in the Google search results.

It also matters whether or not you have a good domain name. As we mentioned in Episode 10 and we’ll talk about more later, the domain name that you choose should be recognizable to the user so that it makes sense for them to click on it. If they’re looking for an answer to a question about blue suede shoes and “blue suede” is in your domain name (maybe something like BlueSuedeAuthority.com), we know that increases the likelihood that your link will get picked by the user and clicked.

Finally, there is a description that shows up there and a page title that comes directly from your website. Those things need to be compelling as well.

For organic search this is your first conversion. When the user picks you out of the search results you’re converting them because they’re looking for something. You convert them to your website. Then with affiliate marketing, as we’ve talked about before, your next job is going to be to convert that sale that you get from organic marketing.

Incidentally, one of the things that is going to influence that is what is the mindset of the searcher. That’s something that you can know a lot about from what they typed.

If someone typed in blue suede shoes review you can tell they’re probably trying to figure out which pair of blue suede shoes to buy, so their commercial intent is pretty high. If they typed in best price on Nike blue suede shoes model #bss473, their commercial intent is really high, they’ve already decided what they’re going to buy and they’re just looking for a place to buy it.

These keywords are very powerful. If you can rank for the critical keywords in your niche, you can achieve really good results because organic traffic is free from a per click perspective. The question is how do you rank for these keyword terms, what makes your page better than the other pages on the internet? Maybe there are hundreds of thousands of pages with blue suede shoe reviews; how do you become the number one page on blue suede shoes?

Entire books have been written on this topic, which is called search engine optimization (SEO), but what I can tell you briefly here to start is that the key thing is the content that you write about blue suede shoes, the reviews that you write, need to be really great.

We know that content needs to be long and it needs to be solid, really good, and sharable. Just really excellent content, like we talked about a few episodes ago. Content is still king on the internet, it’s very important.

The second thing that Google is still relying on is whether or not other people think your content is good. There are various ways they can show this, but the big one is still do they link to your content.

These are still the two key things; the quality of the content itself and whether or not people link to it. Yes, there are algorithms out there like Panda and Penguin, and we’ll talk about all of those in future episodes of the Internet Marketing Minute. For now, know that organic search results are traffic that you get from a place like Google because you have great content and other people agree that you have one of the best pages on the internet for that keyword phrase.

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