This Product No Longer Recommended


That Product Is No Longer RecommendedBummer.  The product you are looking for is no longer recommended.

That could be because the product is no longer offered or because I have decided that it is no longer something that I am comfortable recommending.  I usually only recommend product that I actually use, and I try to use the best products on the market.  So, lots of things like support problems, pricing changes and better products from the competition can change my recommendation.

When that happens, I turn the link off and point the link to this page.

You have two great options:

  1. Check out my resources page to see what I am currently recommending.  I keep that page up to date with my latest reviews and recommendations.  The products on that page are products that I actually use (or actually ask my team to use).
  2. Leave a comment and ask a question.  You can ask “hey, what happened to XYZ product” and I will let you know why I stopped recommending it.

I hope that helps!