LNIM047 – WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing And Vending Machines

Wordpress Plugins


WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing and vending machines.  In this episode I talk about what my mom has to say about vending machines and then I welcome WordPress Guru Dustin Hartzler from YourWebsiteEngineer.com the house.  Dustin talks all about his favorite must-have WordPress plugins.

This is part 1 of a 2-part interview interview with Dustin.

In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast I talk about plugins.

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Mike Russel
Mike Russel

I like backup buddy and one of the benefits of using it is DropBox support. Makes the whole process very easy.


Bert Purdy
Bert Purdy

I've heard of many of the plugins before but not in context. Dustin did a great job explaining their pros and cons. I'm going to install the Better WP Security plugin tonight.

Bert Purdy
Bert Purdy

This was an absolute awesome episode with very useful tips. I cannot wait for my commute in the morning to list to the second half of the interview. Keep it up!

Mark Mason
Mark Mason

Thanks Bert. Glad you liked it. Would love to know what your favorite discovery was from the two episodes. Thanks for the comment!

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