These 11 Essential Copywriting Tips will help you do whatever it is that you are trying to do. That’s a bold claim. As it turns out, copywriting is one of the very few things in life that you can use to improve almost anything that you are doing.

In this episode I select 11 essential copywriting tips from a sea of teachings on how to write copy based on their ability to help you immediately. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Show Notes

11 Simple Tips that you can internalize and do to make your copy better today:

  1. Craft a killer headline – more people are going to read your headline more than anything else in your copy. This is the very first thing that they are going to read and which will consciously, or subconsciously, determine whether or not they will read the rest of your content. A good tip is to copy any fantastic headline you see and jam it away in Evernote. Scan this file when you are ready to write yours and use it for inspiration. You can also test it by asking yourself: “If you are to read your very own headline, would it make you want to see what else is in the article?” and “If you are to put only your headline and your phone number in a classified ad, will people call you?”
  1. Tell stories – Develop the skill of telling stories as it is not only engaging but it is also entertaining so having a story will draw your reader in and help get them through the copy.
  1. Inject your personality into your copy – tell your story with color which comes from and if form by your life. People identify with that and it makes your copy seem real and trustworthy. So let your personality come through.
  1. Appeal to people’s emotion – whatever emotion that people are feeling related to what you are selling, make sure you tap into that and connect to it. Amplify that.
  1. Make your copy look good visually – does not need to be fancy but make sure it works well to other people’s eyes. It should be constructed in a way that it pulls people in.
  1. Speak your customer’s language – use the language that’s appropriate to your audience. Use words that people in that field use when they are talking not just to persuade them but also to build authority. Spend time to understanding your product by interviews, surveys, etc.
  1. Focus on the benefit – you need to identify the difference between the features and benefits because it’s the benefits that sell.
  1. Ensure your copy has intrinsic value – when you are writing, make sure that your customers feel like they are getting something. Deliver value as it makes the copy more engaging and it makes the prospects like you more.
  1. Ask questions and get them in a mode to say yes – this is a sort of copywriting psychology where you ask a series of questions to get you to say yes over and over again, and by getting your audience to say yes to several things in a row, this will get them into a ‘yes momentum’ to get them to say yes when it’s time to make the purchase.
  1. Include a strong call to action – you can’t leave it to their imagination on what they are supposed to do next. You want them to push the button right now so they can start understanding the benefits of what it is that you have to offer immediately.
  1. Organize your writing with a formula – follow a well-thought of formula when you are writing. Whatever method you choose, you got to have one.


In the beginning of the episode, I mentioned my wife’s’ overwhelmingly positive experience with ATS Rentals — most recently renting the Canon 100mm-400mm f/4.5 L-series zoom lens. As promised, here are some cool pictures that she captured with that lens. You can see more of Paula’s stuff over at

I'm no bird guy, but I am pretty sure that the bird above is a woodpecker.


This bird (above) was hanging out in her favorite cozy spot, and decided to sneak a peak outside.  Clearly a Canon fan, she decided to smile for the camera.

As an engineer, I am always amazed at how the autofocus system on the Canon 5D Mk IV is able to reject closer objects like the branch above to focus on what you want.  Of course, knowing how to use the camera helps too.

Finally, I mentioned Sam Sawer the magician in the episode.  Here's a picture of me and Paula at dinner.  Sam is behind us — his wallet is on fire.

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Essential Copywriting Tips Episode Transcript

I hope you are having an absolutely amazingly fantastic day. It’s been a fantastic February here in Dallas. It’s been crazy warm. We were out playing basketball last night in shorts and t-shirts. We had kids versus dads and that was great. The kids are 10 years old, the dads are really old, so that was a lot of fun. That’s why my voice is a little bit on the hoarse side, because I’m still recovering from yelling, “Go old people.” That was a lot of fun.

I hope you are similarly having fun wherever you are. I hope it’s not too terribly cold. I haven’t you haven’t been caught in all of the crazy weather on the East Coast this month and I hope things are warming up for you a little bit.

I definitely want to heat things up for you today with these 11 copywriting tips that you’re going to be able to put to use in your business or whatever it is that you do. We’re doing copywriting all the time. In fact, we’re doing marketing all the time. I would say most of what we do is marketing.

I know you hear that a lot of times, that everything is marketing and marketing is most of what you need to do to be successful in any kind of business. But I think it really is super important and I want to give you an example.

(Episode 128 Transcript Continued…)

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