Easter Egg Contest

Easter EggThere has been a cool contest going on over at Caroline Middlebrook’s blog. I really like her stuff, so I am playing along. From an internet marketing standpoint, this is very clever. This contest causes you to do two things — dig through all of Caroline’s old content and create links to that content. This is a really great example of what is called “linkbait.” Caroline has basically set up a contest that generates deep links back to her site. This will improve the value that Google places on her content as Google considers inbound links as “votes” for the importance of stuff. What’s cool about this contest is that it is pretty classy.

If you are interested in participating, the contest ends soon (tomorrow UK time).

If you are reading my post — no cheating. You have to find the eggs yourself (he he).

This is my favorite egg location: Caroline’s Case Study of a Niche WordPress Site

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Caroline Middlebrook
Caroline Middlebrook

Some of the links point to the wrong pages but I can see you have all 30 so I'll put in 150 entries for you :)

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