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Internet Business Fortune Cookie #10 — Find A Guru

Internet Marketing Fortune Cookie

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. It’s time for another weekly Internet Business Fortune Cookie.

This week I skipped the entree and had hot-and-sour soup and steamed dumplings (both appetizers).  It was kind of nice.  Less Filling.  Tastes Great.  I like those little dumplings.  Steamed are yummy, but like most things, dumplings are even better when you fry them.

This week, the cookie speaks about the wisdom of friendly internet marketing gurus:  “Investigate new possibilities with friends.  Now is the time.

Clearly the cookie speaks about the need to get to know an internet marketing guru and learn from them.  It’s where we all start, and lord knows we all could use someone to mentor us with business.  Plenty of my own mistakes could have been avoided with a little help.  If you are looking to niche your business into a particular specialty, find a guru to guide you along.

Real Versus Pretend Gurus

What is a guru anyway?  When I first heard that word many years ago, it sounded like a holy man living high up in the mountains.  Actually there is no reason you cannot become a guru one day.  A guru is just an expert in a field who is willing to share their secrets to success with others looking to prosper in that business.

Real Guru examples are Garry Conn and Josh Spaulding.

A Pretend Guru example is Jeffrey Lant.

When it comes to niches, a guru has found a way to hone their skills and their product offerings to appeal to the widest market possible.  Everywhere you go, you’ll see their name mentioned in publications and testimonials.  Often times, they will have an online presence as well as one in the real world.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

Many claim to be experts but all are not.  Look for particular characteristics.  How well do they know the niche?  Check their websites and feedback in forums about this person.  If their revenue is coming from marketing to that niche, it is worth a look.

How did they begin their business?  It could be that they began just like you.  They wanted something better.  Their “guru” status is a testament to persistence and not taking “No” for an answer.

Ask them questions.  Gurus are meant to be accessible.  They have blogs and websites, do podcasts and interviews, and partner with other viable business ventures to make more money.  But they always have time to give advice to others who are struggling to get where they are.

Finding a guru may take some time.  It all depends on your niche.  What you hope to find is someone who has found a new way to market a product or service that is a success.  Test their advice and methods.  If it works, continue to follow their lead.  A guru is also someone who is open to new ideas.  They are not the only one with great ideas, they just happened to discover most of them first.

A guru can be your teacher in the niche business world.  One day, you may even partner with them in a business venture.

As the cookie says, Investigate new possibilities with friends.  Now is the time.

Have a great day.

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Company Formation Agent
Company Formation Agent

It's definately worth taking the time to look at their history and spread around the internet, particularly in internet marketing. Whether or not yo ufind a 'guru', you're sure to be able to make a much better-informed decision than if you simply performed a search or followed ads. Many thanks for the nice post with helpful tips in finding an active mentor that more likely to be trustworthy.


"Guru" is a funny term. It seems to be tossed around a lot these days. There are a lot of people who are as successful as guru's but they aren't out there - they're quietly doing their thing and nobody knows about them.


Wait a minute here, Mark... ...so if a guy has 4000 posts on an internet marketing forum, he may NOT be a true guru? LOL

good stuff as always, and I agree that finding a guru or 'mentor' is very important. I, like you, trust Garry Conn. He has never steered me wrong.


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