LNIM048 – WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing With Dustin Hartzler (Part 2)

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing with Dustin Hartzler (part 2).  We welcome WordPress Guru Dustin Hartzler from YourWebsiteEngineer.com back to the house.  Dustin talks all about his favorite must-have WordPress plugins.

I also get some feedback about Forever Affiliate and share a new Internet Marketing Music Video!

This is part 2 of a 2-part interview interview with Dustin.

In this episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast I talk about plugins.

This is part 2, and here is the entire list of plugins that Dustin covered.

WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Cool Internet Marketing Music Video

Here is the cool video from  Mike L. Silverman (Managing Director at Silver Web Solutions). 

Thanks for sending in the cool video Mike!


You can see the video directly in youtube here.

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Episode 048 Transcript

Weird, but Late Night Internet Marketing is happening early in the morning today, because I am on my way to sunny California for a little day job action.

Forever Affiliate Update and Feedback

I just wanted to get this episode kicked off real quick and tell you a couple things about what’s going on over in Forever Affiliate land.

One of the reasons that I do the show and one of the goals of the show and the website is to help people get on the right path with regard to internet business in general, affiliate marketing specifically. One of the things that I pride myself on is I only recommend things that I actually use. I turn down a lot of promotions because I don’t want to fall into that class of internet marketers that promotes every offer that comes along. Believe me, I get a lot of them.

I wanted to share with you what my motivations are and what makes me feel good when I do these promotions. I got some feedback on people who found Andrew through the interview on the show and signed up for the Forever Affiliate course over at LateNightIM.com/fa. I got their initial reactions and this is why I do it the way that I do it, I want you to hear these two pieces of feedback…

Tim: Hey, Mark. This is Tim from The Awesome Podcast here. You can check out my show at TheAwesomePodcast.com and also on iTunes. I wanted to give you my thoughts on Forever Affiliate. I first heard about it on your show and I wanted to say thanks for recommending it to me. Honestly, I’m blown away by the course so far.

The first thing that blew me away was the price point. This sounds like a sales pitch, but I’m just being honest here. I was expecting it to be so much higher than it was. It’s unbelievably reasonably priced, and I think a little underpriced for the value that it provides.

I’m going through the course right now, I signed up yesterday. So far it’s so easy to understand, even for somebody like me who has no affiliate experience whatsoever. I have no experience setting up the websites, I have no experience signing up for affiliate programs or anything like that. It’s so simple to understand.

It’s broken down into three phases and then there’s an introduction that talks about the overall strategy and why the Forever Affiliate program works the way that it does. That was really helpful in the beginning because it helped me to understand the basic concepts.

Then it breaks it down into the phases; one, two, and three. Each phase is perfect because it’s step-by-step. It’s not this sweeping generalization, it will actually tell you what to do and Andrew is awesome about explaining it. It’s not to the point where you feel like an idiot, but just so that it perfectly makes sense and you know exactly what to do to make it work.

I’m really excited to get my first couple of sites up there and get my first assets going. I’ll be glad to report back to you with my first results. I can’t recommend this highly enough to anybody. If you haven’t signed up for Forever Affiliate, make sure you go do that.

Thanks again, Mark, for recommending it to me.

That’s the first piece of feedback.

Transcript continued from the Episode 048 Show notes



OK I'm about a year behind, but I'm trying to catch up on your podcast.

I was listening to this podcast today and I do agree with a few of these, but you have to be careful with using too many plugins or any plugins that are generally too heavy.

My host throttled my websites because they were using too much bandwidth, and then I used the P3 Plugin to see which of the plugins were taking up the most bandwidth and it was crazy how much these were slowing my site down.  I now take a minimal approach to these.

And I always delete Jetpack as soon as Hello Dolly is gone. That is such a slow plugin!  Great resources from it, but SUPER slow.


This is an awesome list of WP plugins. I just sent this to my two WP friends.


Hi Mark,

I also wanted to say thanks for having Andrew Hansen on and talking about the Forever Affiliate program. I am a big fan of your work/site/podcast, but had recently taken a break from podcasts. No fault of your own, I usually listen when I take walks outside and haven't been doing that as often. With the weather warming up, I got back into it and happened to pick this podcast after a month or two hiatus.

It couldn't have been more perfect timing, as I had just taken an inventory of what has and has not worked for me with my online adventures over the last year or two. Of everything, affiliate marketing was what I enjoyed most and had a few successful affiliate sales with.

As a result, I was planning to refocus my efforts on Affiliate Marketing and the Forever Affiliate program sounded like exactly what I was looking for.

As you always say, don't purchase something unless you need it and those are words I live by, but since I was specifically looking to take my affiliate sales to the next level, I was excited to try the program out and it really is great.

I'm through Phase 1 and most of the way through Phase 2 and am learning a bunch of stuff about things I wasn't doing or wasn't aware of and just as important are the things Andrew tells you not to do. I'm looking forward to the results, $ well spent! Thanks and keep up the good work.

P.S. I was one of the people that helped provide feedback right after you added your Intro music and some of the transition sounds and that intro music is still as catchy as ever! I end up singing that thing for hours after listening to a podcast. :o)


Mark Mason
Mark Mason

Very cool. Dustin is a great guy. Glad you like the list.


Thanks Mark, wasn't aware of the group. I just clicked the button to join. Appreciate the heads up.

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