LNIM052 – Finding A Niche That You Love


Finding A Niche The You Love:  Greetings and welcome to episode 052.

Today, I extend our discussion from episode 051 and talk about how to find a niche that you care about for your first internet business.  In particular, we talk about how to actually strike a balance between passion and profit for affiliate marketing programs like Forever Affiliate.

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Episode 052 Transcript

I hope you had a fantastic week. Did you do what I asked you to do at the end of the podcast – did you make some real progress on your internet business last week? I really hope that you did. If you didn’t get that done, if you heard what I said but forgot to do it, all hope is not lost. I’m going to ask you to do it one more time this week.

I hope that you made more progress in your week than I made in mine. You can probably tell I’m suffering from a little bit of a cold. I caught Morgan’s cold. We all started with the strep, I told you guys about that a couple weeks ago. Morgan’s ended in a cold and I got it from her. Too many little girl kisses, I guess. I’ll survive and I’ll make it through this episode.

What I wanted to talk about today was extending our topic from last week and get into some more practical affiliate marketing tips about how to actually select a niche. So if you listened last week, we talked a little bit about passion versus profit. This week I want to talk about when you’re working through that what the actual tools and techniques and methods are that you can use to find a niche inside affiliate marketing.

Before we do that, I have a couple of reminders for you.

I wanted to remind you that Wednesday March 27th at 8:00 PM at the Londoner Pub in Allen, Texas, I will be there with eight or ten of my closest listener friends, and we will be hashing over internet marketing topics – or not, we may be talking about the Dallas Mavericks. We’ll be there and I’ll be happy to hang out, answer questions, and talk about internet marketing and just enjoy a meet-up there. I’m really looking forward to seeing you there. We got some RSVPs and it will be a lot of fun, just like it was last time.

The second announcement I wanted to let you know about was I made the decision to go ahead and create a Facebook private group for people who purchased Forever Affiliate through my affiliate link at LateNightIM.com/fa. If you did that and you would like to join the private mastermind group for Forever Affiliate, you’re certainly welcome to do that.

You’ve already been invited if I know about you. There are going to be a number of you that purchased through my affiliate link and I don’t know that, so for you to join you can go to LateNightIM.com/fagroup and ask to be included in the group, and I will include you. I don’t strictly require that you purchased through my affiliate link, but I do strictly require that you have purchased the program in some way, because we’ll talking about Andrew’s proprietary course information and I don’t want to be giving away Andrew’s information to people who haven’t purchased the course.

If you’re interested in the group it’s at LateNightIM.com/fagroup. If you want to expedite the process you can put a ticket in at LateNightIM.com/support and forward your receipt along so that I know that you did indeed buy the course. That’s all for that, so let’s talk a little bit about affiliate marketing.

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I think finding a niche that you care about for your first internet business will make a world of difference. It will make you want to put more into it and it will hold your attention.

Mark Mason
Mark Mason

I could not agree more. This business can get pretty tough sometimes, so it is good to actually care about what you are working on.

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