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MW038 – Google’s Exact Match Domain Update

My Internet Marketing Podcast Helper -- Morgan (2.5 years old)In this episode, Morgan kicks off the show and we talk about the Google exact match domain update, Jason and Sterling’s Micro Site Profits course, and my recommendations for The Podcast awards.

This is the 38th episode.  Late again!  Once again I did not quite make the expected date of Thursday October 4 – but better late than never.  I got close this time — the episode was actually recorded on Thursday.  Next episode is expected Thursday October 11.

In This Show…

Google’s Exact Match Domain Name Update

I talk all about my thinking about the latest google update impacting Exact Match Domain Names.

Matt Cutts announced a new update on Twitter last week:

And then the sky fell.  Immediately, a large impact in the influence of exact match domains (EMDs) was detected at SEOMoz.

There has been lots of speculation about all of this.  More fun stuff to come.

I mention several links in the segment, including:

A rant from one of my readers, Chuck Brown.
Google Exact Match Domain Update Feedback

Micro Site Profits Course

I had lunch with Jason Van Orden the other day.  During lunch
we talked about a bunch of stuff, including his new course Micro Site Profits.  In the podcast, I errantly refer to the new course from the Internet Business Mastery guys (Jeremy and Jason) as the Micro Niche Profits course.  The course is actually Micro site Profits.
Here is my review of the Micro Site Profits course (still in progress)
This course is designed to create small AdSense sites that you use to make small profits.  The last module in the course teaches how to pick on of your favorite micro sites to grow into an authority site.  Great plan and cool approach.
Corn Sheller Update
I don’t think that the Corn Sheller site was impacted by the Google exact match domain name update — but I am not positive yet.  I said “no worries” in the podcast, but now I am not sure.  Stay tuned.
Here is the breakout from the Corn Sheller site sales on eBay I mentioned in the show.

Podcast Award Nominations

I would consider it a personal favor if you would nominate these podcasts for awards.
Business Category:  SmartPassiveIncome.com from Pat Flynn
Technology Category:  PodcastAnswerman.com from Cliff Ravenscraft
Make your nomination at http://www.podcastawards.com/

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