Hopefully by now, you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  A great film and an amazing success.  Of course, behind that success, there is a ton of marketing.  That led me to ask the question:  What are the “Star Wars Marketing Lessons” that we can take away from this box office behemoth?  In this episode I identify 13 marketing lessons that you can take away from The Force Awakens that will help you in your affiliate marketing today.

Show Notes

Here are the 13 marketing lessons from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that you can use as affiliate marketer:

  1. If you find something that works, stick with it. – This Star Wars episode is, in many ways, a very close copy of Episode 4. The plot and the idea are somewhat the same but they stuck with it because it works. In affiliate marketing, if you find something that works, repeat those offers over and over and grow your business. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Be true to your brand, have your own voice and be memorable – Be something that someone can remember. Star Wars is certainly one of the most memorable franchises that existed and the new movies are still true to the brand. If you have a meaningful online presence, have that voice and be consistent because you don’t need to reach everyone in the world, just reach your niche and really connect with them. It will pay you dividends.
  3. Engage your audience with anticipation – Teasers and trailers really worked for the movie and in affiliate marketing, you can absolutely build up anticipation as well because products are launching all the time. Unboxing is an example to help build excitement to reach out to potential buyers.
  4. Create something that’s worth sharing and talking about – Crappy websites and poor content can still get conversions but why do that when you can create a great one which can talk about and get them to create a good buying decision. This can also get your social media exposure, back links and all the stuff which can boost up your ranking. Star Wars’ content was viewed, shared, taken apart frame by frame – there are so much talked about because the content was worth talking and sharing about.
  5. Tell stories – What is Star Wars but an ultimate creation story? Tell stories too about how the product was manufactured, how you use it, how it benefits people, etc. People really engage with stories.
  6. If you find something doesn’t work, avoid doing them all over again – You will find some Jar Jar Binks in your affiliate marketing and if you find these awful stuff, just stop doing them.
  7. Great content is still king – create great content as it still wins every time.
  8. Create urgency – Everybody is just dying to see the movie in the opening night even though they know that the movie is going to be in cinemas for 8 weeks, in DVDs, Blu-ray, etc. In affiliate marketing, you can create urgency in two ways: negotiate with the manufacturer to get a special offer for your audience or offer a bonus for purchasing within a certain timeline.
  9. Use partnerships to your advance – you can see Star Wars toy in McDonalds, Star Wars make up line, etc. because they go into partnerships. You can do that too by trading traffic with related sites, cross promoting products across niches, or exchanging money for exposure.
  10. Visual content is an absolute key – You need to test and split test images in your blog as all your visual content needs to be awesome. Make sure your visual content is working for you.
  11. User content has value – Fans has ordained May 4th as the Star Wars day and the brand totally embraced this to engage their users to fuel the fire of their marketing. For affiliate marketing, you can go out and find reviews and summarize them as they can get you a long way too.
  12. Start early and finish last – They started talking about Star Wars a year ago although they didn’t have to promote something as famous for that duration. So go promote your website and do what you need to do to get the traffic that you need. Start early and never quit.
  13. Take advantage of the season – Star Wars came during Christmas time, a great movie season, but also a perfect time to sell merchandise. If your affiliate site has something to do with these areas, take advantage of those. If there are none, make something up to create a buzz and do a press release. It’s a powerful idea that not everyone is taking advantage of.


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Episode 096: Star Wars Marketing Lessons Transcript

This week on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast I go through the 13 things that I learned (and you can learn too) about affiliate marketing from Star Wars. I’m going to share all 13 of them with you, but a warning; there are some definite spoilers in this episode. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might want to wait just a little while before listening to this content. Otherwise, let’s rock’n’roll.

All that and more on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast….

This is the first episode of the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast for the amazing year that is 2016. I hope you are having an awesome year already in 2016.

I am set up to have an amazing year thanks to work that I did with Michael Hyatt and his Best Year Ever product. There is still some time to get that at LateNightIM.com/bye, highly recommended by me, some of my mastermind is also in there. It’s a great product, highly recommended. There’s still some time to get over there and even if you don’t want the product, take advantage of the free webinars that are coming up to close out that sale. Michael is famous for offering amazing value for free in his presale webinars and I definitely recommend that you go check that out.

Another goal related thing that I want you to go check out (and I don’t make a dime for this but I’m so excited about it) is from my buddy John Lee Dumas, his Kickstarter went live over at TheFreedomJournal.com. John has designed this thing that he calls The Freedom Journal. It’s basically a goal journal that you take and identify your one big most important goal that you want to get done in 100 days. It takes you through and in 10 day increments help you define those goals, get past the obstacles, and get that one goal done in 100 days.

It’s really impressive. This is based on John’s work interviewing over 1,000 entrepreneurs on his show, Entrepreneur on Fire. The coolest thing about this is the Kickstarter has just exploded. I got on board this morning and by the time this evening rolled around they were already over $75,000. The awesome thing is for every $25,000 or so John is building another school in Africa through Pencils of Promise. You definitely want to go check that out at TheFreedomJournal.com, it’s very cool.

Marketing Lessons to Learn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It was just a few days ago that I went to see Star Wars. I actually saw it twice, once with my two older girls late at night very near the first time that it came out and once during the day with my younger kids a few days later. I just loved it.

As some of you know, I’m an older guy and I’m pushing 50 years old here, so I was 9 years old when Episode 4, A New Hope, the very first Star Wars came out. I remember very clearly going to the theater, seeing Mark Hamill, C3PO and R2D2. At the time in the ‘70s this thing was just amazing. We’re so used to special effects now it seems like a lot of times not that big a deal, and as special effects get closer and closer to what we perceive as reality, it’s kind of like you’re just watching something that actually happened. But back then in the ‘70s there was no capability to do laser blasters, space ship travel, and all this other kind of stuff that actually looked believable. This was the first thing, at least in my opinion, that really took it to the next level. Of course, George Lucas, Industrial Light & Magic, and all those guys became very famous for the technological innovations that they made with the story and very cool things that they did there. That’s all back. Now Disney has the reigns, that is a fantastic company for this sort of thing. They’ve done a marvelous job, in my opinion, staying true to the story and so forth.

In this episode, I thought it would be fun since I love Star Wars so much to talk a little bit about the 13 marketing lessons that I learned that you can use as affiliate marketers by looking at the Star Wars experience in this seventh episode of the Star Wars saga. I’m going to warn you, just like I did in the opener, I’m going to talk about some stuff that happened in the movie so there are some spoilers in this. If you haven’t seen the movie, you might want to hold off on the rest of this episode and come back to it later. It’s not going to be that bad though, so if you don’t care, if you haven’t seen it but you’re not that affected by spoilers, don’t worry about it too much.

Thirteen is a lot to get through, so here we go.

(Transcript continued on its own page, click here)

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