Auto Blogging SoftwareI recently got an email from Jonathan Leger talking about some new automation including auto blogging software that he’d released for creating articles automatically and I thought I'd talk about that here with you.  In fact, I made a video (imbedded below) if you prefer that.

About three years ago I wrote an article about how you could make $5,000 a month online by creating small sites and monetizing them, making a few dollars a day on each site and figuring out how many sites you’d have to create in order to do that.


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The problem with that strategy is you end up managing hundreds of sites, you’ve got to create content for all those sites. The only way to do that is to generate junk – and I hated that, so I never really pursued that. I tried it for awhile, I got up to 100 sites or so and decided that it wasn’t a great idea. Besides, the approach that Google has taken to SEO has slowly started to weed those things out in a lot of cases, certainly not all cases. You can still find junk sites on the internet, but in many cases it’s just hard to do well.  Truth is, until now, most auto blogging software just created junk websites.

Jon has an array of products now and I was thinking it would really be possible to string those together and come up with a fully automated way to generate sites that weren’t just junk, that added some actual value to the internet. So here’s my recipe for creating a fully automated site that you can monetize on the internet without a lot of work.

Using Auto Blogging Software

The first thing would be to go over to (Jon's Auto Blogging Software) and look at the list of topics that are available and choose one that you like. That would be my first step.

The second step would be to go to a tool like Keyword Canine and find a keyword with a green rating that is well covered by your topic.

The third step would be to register a domain that was an exact keyword match for that topic. If you couldn’t get the exact keyword match (usually you cannot) in .com .org or .net, then I’d get something close to it. For example, if you couldn’t get, which obviously you can’t, I’d get or, or something like that that’s very closely related and contains the keyword in the domain name.

For the fourth I’d set up a WordPress blog and I’d probably use a free theme that was relevant to the topic or I would use Thesis. I would personally use Thesis and I would just create a custom header, something very simple, nothing fancy. Just get that WordPress installation up and running on the new domain.c

In the fifth step I’d go back over to and I would cause that to automatically post about two to three blog posts a week, probably two, to this blog, essentially forever. I would use the new features that Jon has to automatically monetize those posts with Clickbank and to automatically insert photos from Flickr.

Why This Auto Blogging Software?

The reason this looks so attractive to me is because the kind of articles that are in are pretty good quality, they’re not just junk on the internet. They’re actually pretty decent and they’re automatically monetized with Clickbank, you don’t have to do anything. Another option would be to use Adsense. If your niche is good for Adsense that could work for you too. I’d set that up and just let that run essentially forever.

The last step would be to do whatever automated promotion I was going to do. For example, I would use things like One-Way-Links or whatever follows on One-Way-Links, I’d use Twitter backlinks, I’d use directory links from things like Josh Spaulding’s Deep Linker Pro, and so forth. Just as many automated tools as I could think of to spread them out and I’d trickle those in.

I would use article directories from Article Marketing Robot or one of those tools and just spread those out, make sure I didn’t hit them too hard, and then just let it go. Jon actually backlinks a lot of his stuff automatically and there are other tools that you can use, so you can just pick the ones that you like. I’d just let it roll and see what happens.

I think you could easily set up a blog like that in a couple of hours, maybe in a day at most. You could certainly completely outsource the whole thing. If you did several of those a week, after awhile you’d have an arsenal of 50 to 100 blogs. If you could get those blogs to make a sale a week from Clickbank or get a few clicks a day from Adsense, eventually you’d be up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a week in income.

This Auto Blogging Software Strategy Is Untested

That’s my recipe for using autoblogging software. Untested. I haven’t done this specific thing, but I probably will and when I do I will post the results. I won’t do it on a large scale, but I’ll probably do a few just to see how it looks so that I can report back and show you.

Update:  Experiment started August 7, 2012

One thing I will say is my experience with these kinds of blogs is that they’ll be hit and miss. You might do one that does really well and you might do another one that never even gets ranked, so you’ve got to do a bunch of them in order to get some success. I think you’ve got to do a bunch of them and keep the ones that do well and flip the ones that don’t do all that well.

I think a lot of people would be willing to pay $50 or $100 for a blog with lots of content that was on a topic that they were interested in, so that’s another business model you can add to this. That’s what the guys over at Adsense Flippers do, they create a bunch of blogs like this and they flip the ones that they don’t want to keep.

Got Comments?

So that’s my idea on a completely automated monetization strategy for mass blogging, auto-blogging on a crazy wide scale. Have a great day and we’ll talk soon.

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