A few weeks ago, I talked about my experience writing copy for sales pages and promised a post about how to split test different elements on the page.  I had that post about half written, and then I saw that Spaulding had written a post on Google Website Optimizer.   So, since that was exactly what I was going to do, I wrote Josh a nasty email and then decided to just send you over there.  While you are there, I recommend that you opt in to receive his free reports on internet marketing — they are all three excellent.  If you have a question about that post, just drop a comment and Josh (or I) will get back to you with an answer.

Automatic Website Visitors – A Case Study

With that task out of the way, I wanted to announce my latest case study — I am calling it the “Jon Leger” case study.

As you know, I am a big Jon Leger fan.  He is a great internet marketer, and I own most of his tools.  For example, he is the father of the $7 Secrets script that I have written about before.  He is also a straight-up honest guy that stands behind his products, and I like that.

So, I wondered if I could create an AdSense Mini-Site using a simple formula and make money using only Leger's tools.  Here is the plan.

  1. Come up with an interesting niche at random with high CPC (complete)
  2. Do keyword research on a niche using Leger's WebComp Analyst (complete)
  3. Based on the research, pick targeted keywords for articles and domain name (complete)
  4. Register a brand new domain (complete)
  5. Create 5 pages of content using Leger's Instant Article Wizard Pro (in progress)
  6. Create an “spin ready” article for Leger's 1WayLinks (1WL) Product
  7. Submit the above article to 200 blogs using 1WL, generating 600 backlinks over 2 months
  8. Add the blog to Leger's 3WayLinks network, generating another 250 links
  9. Add the blog to Leger's DirLinks network (free with 3WayLinks subscription)
  10. Monetize the blog with AdSense.

That is the study.

I wanted to use his new tool, Answer Analyst, to create some additional content for the site.  That looks like a pretty neat tool (you should check out the video).  To be honest, I don't have a copy yet and I did not take the time to get one.  Too much stuff on my plate these days…and I am hearing that he is re-launching Article Builder.  So I plan to wait and see what he does there (killer sales page graphics on that site).

Anyway, I plan to have this whole thing completed next week, and I will update you on the progress.

My Prediction (Hope)

I don't actually know what is going to happen here, because I usually use Jon's tools in conjunction with other tools.  I have never tried to isolate the impact of backlinks from his network.

So here is my prediction.  It is more of a hope really — and it will give us something to debate.  I predict that this blog will make money from AdSense after a month or two, perhaps as much as a dollar per day after sixty days.   So, if I finish the blog by April 15th (tax day here in America), then I am predicting the following:

  • March 15:  Case study idea hatched.  Delayed while working on other projects
  • April 8:  Case study plan announced
  • April 15:  Blog completely constructed, monetized and promoted
  • May 15:  Blog completely indexed – some unique visitors and some AdSense revenue
  • June 15: AdSense revenue steady approaching $1 day
  • July 15:  $30 in AdSense revenue in last 30 days.
  • July 16:  Reveal the URL for the site and publish results.

I am very interested on your thoughts and questions.  What do you think about this study?  Leave your predictions below and we can see who is right and who is wrong in a month or two.


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