The Ultimate Best Year Ever Review Updated for 2017 — my third year straight as a Best Year Ever student!  More awesome each and every year.

In a hurry?  The bottom line of this review is that I have used the Best Year Ever (BYE) system for several years in a row and gotten great results.  I believe in the system and the author and I think that Michael Hyatt's Best Year Every course is simply the best way to set and achieve goals.  If you want to cut to the chase and purchase BYE today, click here.

Still not sure or want to know more?  Great!  Read on….

It happens every year. I guess it’s just part of the human condition. Something about the New Year makes us all stop and dream about what might be possible “next year”. We make resolutions, dream dreams, and charge ahead.

And many times those dreams have us imagining what it would be like to have our “best year ever”.  I know that I start off every new year expecting amazing things based on all the new habits I've planned and new goals I've set.  Really, the sky is the limit for me each and every year.  I'd bet it's the same for you.

It’s really kind of sad.

In most cases, all of our plans are forgotten by Spring and we spend the remainder of the year adrift. Some people aren’t even able to keep their “resolutions” – which are usually just poorly stated goals – until the end of January.

“Well, there is always next year,” we say. Does this sound familiar? It does for me. Are you happy with last year’s results? Me neither.  Here’s the thing. If you do what you did last year, you’ll get the results you got this year. To expect otherwise is the definition of insanity.

What if I told you that this year is the year — this is the year you’ll call your “Best Year Ever.

Ready to get started now and skip all the details?


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In this Best Year Ever Review — Critical Info About Michael Hyatt's BYE Course

I admit, this Best Year Ever Review is a pretty long review (3500 words and counting).  I guess you can chalk that up to my excitement about the product.  To help you navigate, I have added this handy “Table of Contents”.

  • What's In The Best Year Ever Course?
  • Who Is The Author, Michael Hyatt?
  • What will you learn in the BYE course?
  • What kind of results can you expect?
  • Things I love about the course.
  • Things you should watch out for in this course.
  • The magical VIP Facebook group


The Easy Change You Can Make (with me)

For the last three years, I have taken Michael Hyatt’s amazing goal achievement course called Best Year Ever. I was so impressed, that I’m signing up again in November of 2017, and I’m telling all my friends (that includes you).  Either directly or via this Best Year Ever review,  I promote The Best Year Ever course to my readers and podcast listeners each year because I know it's the best way I can help them (I am talking to you) set and achieve meaningful goals and reach their full potential.

That's the reason for this “Best Year Ever Review” — I want to make sure that as many people know about BYE (that's what insiders call it) as possible.

If you are like me, you have a hunger deep down somewhere to accomplish more. Sometimes, you probably feel discouraged and maybe even a sense of overwhelm. You’ve probably tried traditional goal setting in the past any I bet you didn’t get the results you were looking for.  I know I've failed at goal setting more than I have succeeded.

Well, not anymore….

The Best Year Ever will help you finally reach your potential and accomplish what matters most to you — your goals.  Wikipedia defines goals as “the desired result or possible outcome that a person or a system envisions”.  That's a great definition, but picking the right goals for you is even more important (and is at the heart of Best Year Ever”). If you want to know what you will find inside the course, you can continue reading this Best Year Ever review.


What’s In The Best Year Ever (BYE) Course?

What's Inside - best year ever reviewWell, there are two versions. The “Independent Study” and the “VIP” course. The Independent Study course has five modules. Thankfully, all of the lessons are immediately available as soon as you purchase (there’s no waiting for content to “drip.”) Fundamentally, it’s a video course, and each video is between 20-45 minutes long. As you might expect from a high-quality product, each lesson comes with a fill-in-the-blank workbook, downloadable audio files, and a full transcript.

The great thing about a course structured this way is that you can consume the content in whatever format works for you (video, audio, text). Michael gives you very specific “next steps” so actually doing something and making real measurable progress is very straightforward.

One of the things people mentioned last year was that this was one of the few courses they were actually able to complete! According to Michael, the Best Year Ever has been intentionally designed to help people get clear, get motivated, and get started with making this year their best year ever.

As I mentioned, there is a second version of the course that you can choose to purchase called the VIP course.

As you might expect, the VIP package gets you everything in the Independent Study course. What’s added are additional materials to help you stay on track throughout the entire year. The VIP version is designed to help keep you focused and on track. This VIP option is Michael’s response to the #1 piece of feedback he received from last year’s students. Simply put, the students wanted more support and accountability like this — sound familiar? I thought so.

VIP members also enjoy a special presentation from Michael at the halfway part of the year called “Conquering the Messy Middle.” This “talk” really helps people who have gotten a little off course. It’s realignment tool for people who may find themselves off track with the goals they set at the beginning of the year.

The Best Year Ever course consists of 5 main modules (not including bonus content) — and each module is designed to be completed in a day (thus the title, Five Days To Your Best Year Ever).  The modules don’t take a full day to complete, so it is possible to complete all modules in a day or two if you are so inclined.
Here’s what’s inside:

Day 1:  Mindset is very important to success.

A big part of that is understanding that it is even possible to have “your best year ever.”  So, in the first module, Michael helps you identify your limiting beliefs (you may not even realize that you have them) and replace them with liberating truths.  Also addressed is the power of clarity in your life and how it is more important that simple “goal strategies”.  Finally, Michael teaches the importance of gratitude.  Basically, you need to be thankful for what you have to get more of what you want.
Michael points out that limiting beliefs about yourself, others and the world are the only things that are holding you back.  For me, I can easily identify limiting beliefs that I have around the scarcity of time, for example.  “I don’t have time” to do this or that has been a common theme in my life.  The liberating truth is that I have time to do anything that I want to do, but not everything that I want to do.  That’s where clarity comes in.  I need to clarity to know exactly what I want to do and why.
One important point that is driven home in Day 1 is agency:  I have the ability to affect my outcomes, and therefore, my past does not equal my future.  This is a really powerful idea that set BYE students up to realize change successfully.

Day 2:  You must put the past behind you.

If you don’t deal with your past disappointments and regrets, they will essentially become limiting beliefs and sabotage your success.  To help you deal with this, Michael teaches you how to identify the most important lessons from the past year so you can avoid repeating your mistakes.
For example, my big disappointment from last year (and almost every year before that) is that I did not meet my fitness goals.  The question is, what lesson can I take away from that?  One lesson (for sure) is that I am not clear on “why” I have these fitness goals, and I am not connecting that “why” with my objectives.
One of the things that I really like about this module is an analogy that Michael makes about the last year of your life being a movie.  If it were a movie, what would be the genre?  Mine would be a “drama”.  And what would the title be?  This is a helpful construction when it comes to bundling up the past.

Day 3:  You need to design the future that you want.

Once you have “completed the past”, you get to design the future.  That’s the fun part.
Most people have heard about SMART goals.  Michael has modified (added) to that system to make SMARTER goals.  In this module, all 7 of the SMARTER goal concepts are covered in detail (with concrete examples).
There are so many good takeaways from this module regarding how to set and attain goals.  Lots of ways to maximize your chance of achieving your most important goals.  My favorite point made in this module is that your goal needs to be “for you” and not for someone else.  I always need to keep that in mind.
By the end of this module, you will have 7-10 SMARTER goals that will form the basis of your best year ever.

Day 4:  Understanding Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing.

It may sound obvious, but understanding exactly what your motivation is for the goals that you have set is the most important thing you can do to get the results you want.  If you don’t know why your goals are what they are, or if your goals are not aligned with your core values, you don’t have a chance.
Michael often says (quoting his wife, Gail) — “people lose their way when they lose their why.”
What motivates you?  Are your motivations extrinsic (from outside) or intrinsic (from inside)?  Why ever you reason for your goals, Michael teaches that if you want to be successful, you must connect deeply with the reasons that you want to succeed.
What’s at stake if you are successful?  What if you are not successful?  Connecting with your “why” will help you get through what Michael calls “the messy middle” — that time in the middle of the year when January is long since passed and your goal end date it still far away.

Day 5:  Execute.  Actually achieve your goals.

This is the hard part. Really. Yes, it is made much easier by having properly constructed goals that are matched with your values.  But you still have to do the work.  It can be daunting (especially in the messy middle).
The most important thing to focus on when achieving the goals that you have set is to take the next action.  Still, that may not be enough for you.  To deal with this, Michael teaches twelve steps for achieving your goals.  My favorite is Step 5:  Honor your commitments.  Are you going to “try” to do something, or are you committed to making something happen?  You need to be committed.
My other favorite step in this section has to do with “selective sharing” of goals.  Sometimes sharing your goals can help you — and sometimes it works against you.  Michael shares when and why to share in Step 7.


bye michael hyatt

Who is Michael Hyatt anyway?

All this talk about Michael? Who is he really?

I can tell you Michael is a special guy — I met him for the first time when I moderated a panel he was on at Social Media Marketing World in 2015. He’s amazing — and a New York Times Best-Selling Author as well.

Micheal Hyatt best year ever

If you asked for his resume, you’d find out that Michael Hyatt is a personal development and leadership expert. He has a long track record of achieving major goals in life, and inspiring other people to do the same. In addition to this, he has authored many books. A few of them have also been USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Times best sellers.

In 2013, Michael Hyatt was named one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers by Forbes magazine. But he’s not just some talking head guru with no real-world experience. Michael is also the Former CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers, which is the 7th largest trade book publishing organization in the US.

When it comes to personal development, platform building, productivity and leadership, Michael is a well-renowned blogger with over 400,000 monthly blog readers (that’s a few more than me). These readers come to Michael blog seeking guidance and advice from him in various walks of life. Michael also has 32,000 Facebook fans and 200,000 Twitter followers.

The dude is the real deal.

Michael has been married for more than 35 years. With his wife, Gail, he has five daughters, five grandsons, and three granddaughters. They have a home outside Nashville, TN. With his latest Best Year Ever course, Michael aims to help people looking to achieve their goals next year. The course can help you with various things.

The Best Year Ever Review – More Details About the Course

When you spend money on a course like this, you want to be sure you know what you are getting. This is a lot more than one of those “goal setting psychology” courses.  This is practical and results-oriented.

Now, as you might expect, Michael offers a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy for both the independent study course and the VIP option. Still, it’s good to know some details.

best year ever User manual guide brochure with blueprint and pencil

The Kind of Things You Will Learn In The BYE Course by Michael Hyatt

  • The most important ingredient to experience happiness in life.
  • How to harness the power of happiness through proper goal setting
  • How to create a solid breakthrough and a significant transformation
  • Why you are always stuck and what holds you back
  • The exercise to lay the systematic groundwork for achievement
  • How to examine the previous years and leverage lessons learned
  • The tested and tried 5-part formula for setting important goals
  • A template to identify the top 8 to 10 goals for the next year (in order)
  • The secret technique to sustain lasting momentum and motivation
  • Important actions you need to take in order to guarantee that the next year will be the best year of your life

It’s not just my opinion. According to other Best Year Ever course reviews on the internet, the BYE program actually helps you achieve many different goals. With this program, you are able to define and achieve goals in a single year. Some people even report they were able to achieve more than 75% of their goals in the first few months.

When you start achieving your goals with the BYE program, it will provide you with amazing confidence. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

It is worth mentioning that your goals can range from achieving success at work to losing several pounds within a short period of time. In the beginning, you may feel skeptical about achieving so many goals in a single year. However, once you start working on them, you won’t experience any problems. For a better understanding, here are some pros and cons of the program:

Some great things I like about this course

While using this course, you actually start focusing on specific goals. If it just takes a single step to purchase the program and turn your life around, it is worth giving a shot. You can go through numerous well-designed videos to have a better understanding of the strategies and techniques. The program can help you fuel the desire to achieve your goals within a short period of time.

This goal setting program works for people who want to set special and unique goals in life. Whether you are a business professional or student, this program will prove to be beneficial for you. According to customers, this program excels in providing a great, perfect framework for goal setting coupled with step by step guidance to help you write personalized goals without experiencing any problems.

It’s that one-two punch of setting goals and following through that makes all the difference.

One Thing to watch out for with Best Year Ever

There are many people who think the quality of a program can be judged only on the basis of the quantity of material. If you are one of these people, you may feel disappointed. Though the new version of the program is comprehensive, it does not focus on filling pages with fluffy gibberish. The new version is short, crisp and includes all exactly the information that you need to be successful. If you are looking for 237 hours of fluff, the Best Year Ever is not for you and you can stop reading this Best Year Ever review now.

The Best Year Ever VIP Facebook Group

VIP members have access to an amazing private Facebook group.  It includes over one thousand like-minded people that are all going through the course and trying to do the same thing — have their best year ever.  Micheal and his team are active in the group and it's a ton of fun (and very helpful too).  It turns out that when you are having trouble with something (defining a goal, working through a limiting belief, etc) that there are always other people having that same struggle.  Better still, there are always many people that have already faced and solved that struggle that can help you in ways you can't possibly imagine.

It's not magic, but it sure seems like that sometimes.

best year ever Facebook group

Who is this Program for (Is this for me)?

As I mentioned earlier, this program has been designed for all kinds of people. Whether you are a business professional or student, a solo entrepreneur, a home engineer or a caregiver, you need to set specific goals for next year. With this program, you can learn everything you need to know about goal setting. Critically, you will also learn how to achieve your goals within a short period of time.

The program works really well specifically for the following people:

  • People who would like to benefit from goal setting techniques. It is great for people who have previously failed to achieve their goals and are looking for guidance. Every person has past influences and experiences regarding goal setting. Some people even have a cynical attitude. This program aims to change your thought process to help you move forward
  • People who want to know why goal setting is important. There are many people who do not believe in setting goals. These people can use the program to learn and take advantage of numerous benefits of goal setting
  • People who want a detailed step by step guide about setting realistic goals. With this program, you will be able to achieve these goals next year. Maybe you’ve never done that before? Now is the time.

The Bottom Line Of My Best Year Ever Review

According to my experience and every Best Year Ever review that I can find, this program is an exceptional choice. When you subscribe to this program, you can focus on your goals and achieve them within a short period.

The Best Year Ever program makes sure that the next year becomes the best year of your life. It is not only affordable but also comes with exclusive bonuses and a solid 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask for a refund.  I bet you don't.


Best-Year-Ever-get-startedMake this year your Best Year Ever


Disclaimer:  I'm not just a Michael Hyatt customer, I'm an affiliate for this product.  If you decide to buy Best Year Ever 2017 using my link, I'll get a commission.  This means that I have a “financial interest” in your purchase.  So, when reading my review, keep that in mind.  But know that I purchased this product for three years in a row with my very own money and will buy it again this year the day it is released.    If you have any question (at all) about BYE or my affiliate relationship with Michal Hyatt, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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