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Finally, the much promised episode about the deindexing of blog networks and Google's attack on people like us that are searching for the best way to get our pages ranked in Google and make money.

Why Get Your Pages Ranked In Google?

This probably seems obvious, but it's very important to understand why we want to get our pages ranked in Google.  We need to get inside of Google's head — but to do that, we have to make sure that we understand our own head.  Why do we want Google rankings?

Simply put, if we are able to get ranked on the first page of Google for a search term, then Google will send us traffic.  If we get traffic, we can turn that into money (ether directly or indirectly).  Our motivation is simply to get traffic and make money.

What are Google's Goals?

Oddly, Google's goals are exactly the same as our goals.  They want to get traffic to make money.  The only difference is that the vast majority of traffic that Google gets comes from people choosing Google as their search engine.  Sometimes that choice is direct as when people visit, and sometimes it is because a search bar that someone is using defaults to Google.  Either way, when people choose Google, those people see Google advertisements.  That is what Google cares about.  Ad revenue.  Plain and simple.

Google versus The Marketer

Google retains market share by making sure that the visitor has a great experience.  In general this means that the searcher finds exactly what she is looking for right away.  In general, this means that Google is trying to present the best quality pages to the searcher for any given search term.

The marketer, on the other hand, wants to outrank all other pages, no matter what the quality.  Sure, some marketers care about quality, but their primary concern is getting traffic and making money.

With things like the Panda update and the many other Google changes we have to keep up with, worrying too much about search engines tweaks is rarely your best strategy. After all, there are a ton of them, “Just last year we launched over 500 changes to our algorithm so by some count we change our algorithm almost every day, almost twice over” – Amit Singhal, Google

“There are almost always a set of motivating searches and these searches are not performing as well as we’d like. Ranking engineers then come up with a hypothesis about what signal, what data could we integrate into our algorithm.” – Scott Huffman, Google

How Does Google Decide What To Rank?

What is the page about?

— On-page SEO.  What clues are there on the page itself that let Google know what the page is about?  Title tag, HTML headings, bolded text, keyword density, URL, related words, etc.

— Off page SEO.  What words do people use when they link back to this page?

Is the best page?

— On-page SEO.  Is the page over optimized?

— Off-page SEO.

— Social signals. Are people talking about the page

— Page quality — above the fold ads

Most Recent Slaps

As affiliate marketers, our task is clear. Optimize our pages and get back links.

Back links are hard to get. The average person is not a web site owner, so the average person can't give a back link. Might be ok for research or info sites. Especially true for affiliate sites.  

Problem: Shoppers like my mom and my wife do not have web site. The do have Facebook, however. More on that later.

So if we need links and they are hard to get that creates a demand for buying links. As a result, there are thousands of article directories and many blog networks where you can by back links. You can also pay for links on existing content, and you can pay foot place content on “real blogs”.

The result:  Gloom and Doom in the internet universe.  Crap often ranks number 1

Did the Google Privacy policy change have anything to do with this (Zac Johnson)

The sites within the networks of both LV and 1WL continue to have a very high index rate and many of those sites continue to pass a great deal of authority to the sites they link to.

I confirmed the high indexing rate from the owners themselves and the continued amount of high authority passed as a long-time user of both networks. Both networks are ran by VERY SMART internet marketers! Both of which I know very well and both have put into place some very creative and effective measures to reduce the SE footprint left for SE’s to pick up. I don’t know how BMR was setup, but it obviously left some heavy footprints.

Hope you enjoyed she show.

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Episode 026 Transcript

Blog Deindexing Nightmare

Shout out to Pam, I really appreciate her kicking off the show today. She’s awesome. She is running for student council president at her junior high school. You can check out her very cool Facebook fan page over at

She is doing great at that. And she’s quite the little singer. She sings first soprano both at church and at her school. She’s very talented. I just had the pleasure of seeing her in her recital. She sang a piece from Sweeney Todd, it was really cool. It’s neat to be a parent and to have wonderful children who do cool stuff. Thanks, Pam. I appreciate that.

Thanks for Listening on Stitcher Radio

I wanted to give a shout out to all of the people that are listening to me on Stitcher Radio. Thanks very much for checking me out. It looks like the data shows that we’re up to a couple hundred listeners on Stitcher, which is totally awesome.

I just got on Stitcher not too long and I love it. I have the app on my phone. There’s something I like about it as a user and something I like about it as a podcaster.

As a user, I like it because no matter where I am when an episode drops for one of my favorite podcast I can get it because it streams live on my cell phone over the magical airwaves that are the cell phone network. I don’t have to be on wi-fi in order to get that download, which is really cool.

The other app that I use on my iPhone needs wi-fi, or it prefers wi-fi. It’s more of a download and play sort of app. Stitcher is a streaming app, which is really neat. That’s why I like it as a user. Definitely check that out, you can find me at

I really like the people over at Stitcher too, they were really helpful getting the show in-boarded into the Stitcher platform. I just want to give them a little shout out. Thank you very much.

Go check out Stitcher, it’s really cool. The interface is pretty neat. Whatever your platform is; Android, Blackberry,… I’m not sure about the new Windows phone whether or not they have an app out for that yet or not, but certainly iPhone, Android, Blackberry, all those, Stitcher Radio is going to be there for you.

The reason I like it as a podcaster is there is a lot of rumors about where Stitcher is going to land and one of the places that they may land is in automobiles, which would really be cool if my show was streaming in people’s cars when they rolled off the assembly line. I’d really like that.

Definitely check out Stitcher Radio at

Transcript continued from the Episode 026 Show notes


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