I am an Internet Marketing product junkie.  OK, I admit it.  The first step, as they say, is to admit that you have a problem.  My problem is that I am addicted to Internet Marketing.  I got sucked into the hype yesterday and plunked down $77 on Commission Blueprint.

This is not a promotion.

I figured that lots of you are getting hit by email about this product and might be curious about the details of the offering.  I have always been interested in Pay Per Click, and I use ClickBank for my own product, so this product (which teaches how to make money on ClickBank products using AdWords) really got my attention.  It is the lure of easy money — except that PPC is not easy.

So, this is not a promotion.  I am not necessarily recommending the product. However, I have looked at the entire thing (I was up really late last night watching all 14 videos) and I think that information might be helpful to someone considering purchasing Commission Blueprint.  If you are interested in this sort of thing, it is totally worth $77.

What Is Commission Blueprint?

This Internet Marketing product is a step-by-step guide that explains a detailed method for making money using AdWords to drive traffic to ClickBank products.  The authors are ClickBank Super Affiliates, and they show lots of evidence that they have been very successful (including a very impressive screen shot from the ClickBank sales report page (shown here).Commission Blueprint Results

What you get for your $77 is impressive.  There are 14 videos (4-5 hours total run time), release notes, 3 PDF files, 2 unadvertised bonuses, 4 landing page templates, and slides for all the videos are also provided in PDF.  It is total over delivery.  It is an amazing amount of quality content, and zero fluff.

The videos are good quality.  You have the choice of watching them online or downloading them and watching them offline.  The format is a slide show presentation with a little video camera box showing the speaker.  He is an excellent “speaker/teacher” and the quality of his presentation is very high.

So, for $77 you get a ton of quality content on video and some cool bonuses that seem to give you everything that you need to get started.  Question is, get started doing what?

The Commision Blueprint Approach

The approach taken in Commission Blueprint is “simple.”   Pick a few products that have a chance to be successful (they explain how to pick products), do keyword research (excellent explanation here as well), estimate ROI, build landing pages (templates included), launch a PPC campaign, spend enough money to “test” the campaign in AdWords ($200-$500), pick a winner, and scale it to make real money.  It sounds easy, and the methods presented seem sound, but I am betting that it is harder than it looks.  I plan to try it anyway.

One thing that I liked was the fact that the old approach of “find 50,000 keywords and test them all” is no where to be found here.  Instead, you start with a handful of keywords and ads and grow the campaign from there.  I like that, although screening products is still a lot of work from what I can tell.

Can You Be A Honest Super Affiliate?

So here is my problem with this product.  I am not a PPC expert, but I think the methods presented are sound.  I expect that if you do what is asked of you in the videos, you can make lots of money with this approach.  What follows in my opinion, and the possibility exists that I misunderstood the material.  To get the real scoop on what was intended by the product creator, you should contact them.

Basically, I do not like the method for landing pages that is implied/proposed.  Basically, to presell these affiliate products, the Commission Blueprint team seems to suggest (as far as I can tell) that you need to tell a story about how the product you are trying to sell has helped you.  While the Commission Blueprint guys do not say it directly, the method suggested (to my understanding having watched the videos) is to make up a person and a success story that fits the product.

So, in order to use the story method discussed in the videos (if I understand correctly), you seem to need to “pretend” to be a customer of the affiliate product and claim that this product has helped you.  This is my interpretation of what was presented, and maybe I misunderstood, but this does not pass my personal integrity tests. Does it even pass the FTC's tests?  Anyway, maybe I misunderstood this part — it was after midnight when I watched the video.

It confused me a little, because I really was impressed with the guy doing the pitch – so I am hoping that I have it wrong.

Also, there are other landing page methods that you can use — including product reviews.  That seems more like something that I would personally be willing to do.

Commission Blueprint Membership Site

Also, there is an upsell in the order process.  You are offered an upsell to the Commission Blueprint membership site.  I think that the site is $67/month, with a $4.95 7 day trial (sorry, I forgot to take notes, but I am pretty sure this is correct).  So, if you buy the product, be prepared to make a decision about the membership site.  I took a pass here, so I cannot comment on the quality of that site.

I can say that there are enough details that you need to pay attention to that a good membership site would really help someone who was following this system.

The Bottom Line

Here is the bottom line:  Commission Blueprint is a complete product with little fluff.  The quality is excellent, and I think it is well worth $77.  Will it make you money?  I have no idea.  I have no meaningful positive experience with PPC campaigns, and I am not a PPC expert.  My feeling is that I could personally make this work with the information that is presented in the product.  My problem is that I am not sure I am willing to sell out to some of the recommended marketing tacticts.  But that is just a personal issue.

What Do You Think?

I'd love to hear what you think?  Did you buy this product?  Do you like it?  Are you OK with pretending to endorse a product that you have never tried?  Let me know your thoughts.



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