I am writing this Constant Profits Club Review to help people (just like you) decide if this course is the right course for you at this time.

What Exactly Is Constant Profits Club?

In a hurry?  Check out Constant Profits Club right now.

It turns out that people who are trying to learn about internet marketing almost always want something that they usually cannot have — Income Right Now.

It's not that they are greedy — it's usually that they need the income.  Sometimes, they need the income now because they are in a tight spot.  Sometimes they need the income because they don't have money to invest.

Either way, lots of times people just can't afford to wait for 6-12 months for their websites to profit.

Usually, there is a trade-off between quick profit and long term success.  Most fast profit “tricks” out there don't hold up over time, and that's no way to build a business.  As a result, guys like Andrew that teach affiliate marketing (definition) the right way don't offer “quick fixes.”

If you read this Constant Profits Club review, you will know that the course is the solution to this problem.  It's the NOW and the LATER.

Sara Young knows how to generate money right now.  Like I mean today.  She has shown students how to generate income online almost instantly.  I'm aware of one case where money was generated within 3 hours of starting (that's a real student result from getting strategic writing gigs).  That's a way Sara teaches people how to create money now.  Real work people will pay for today.    That's the NOW.

Andrew Hansen is famous (literally) for showing students how to grow $5000-$10000 per month niche sites via affiliate marketing, in a period of 6-12 months.  That's that's the later.

At Constant Profits Club, Andrew and Sara show students how to start earning immediately by picking up well paid writing jobs, then leverage that income and experience into building highly profitable niche businesses that stand the test of time. If you want to know more, you can continue reading this Constant Profit Club review.

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Who is Andrew Hansen?

I've known Andrew a long time.  One of the first products that I ever purchased was Andrew's “Niche Marketing on Crack.”  As far as I know, Andrew has never done Crack.  I just had to get that out there.  Andrew is one of the good guys.  I can personally vouch for that.   Over the years, I’ve learned a ton of stuff from Andrew.  He's been on my podcast many times (episodes 6945, and 13 for example).  Even though we have never met, we have become friends. I can recommend Andrew personally without reservation.

The bottom line is that Andrew is a Niche Marketing guru.

To say that Andrew is a successful marketer would be an understatement.  He was selling ebooks before Amazon ever did.  His last “real job” was at Domino’s Pizza, at age 18.   And, he was living and working remotely, with no fixed location before it was cool.   He's a real-life internet entrepreneur.

You can find more information about Andrew on his blog at AndrewHansen.name.

Who is Sara Young?

Sara Young is a “normal person” — maybe just like you.  She is a mother of 7 kids.  The difference is that she has been making money online since 1994.  I have not known her long, but I researched her story for this Constant Profits Club review.

She started out simply enough — just doing “technical jobs” like helping a university professor with his email marketing campaigns.  Back then, not many people were using the internet, so most of her customers were at universities (where the internet was).
After that, Sara spent a few years designing websites and was website manager for Zend for a time — until the Dot Com crash.  Unemployed, Sara started doing PPC (pay per click) working on CPA (cost per action) offers in the financial markets.   That worked really well for a while – until the market crashed and Google started banning accounts.

At that point, Sara developed what she now calls the Easy Paycheck Formula. It’s an easy way to make money using free methods.  Sara was able to use it to make a full-time income working just a few hours a week while raising her toddler.

Fast forward to October of 2009 when her toddler started going out of the house in the mornings and started dedicating her mornings to teaching others.  She loves it, and you will love her enthusiasm.

You can find more information about Sara on her blog at MarketingWithSara.com.

Additional Information About Constant Profits Club

First, here's my Constant Profits Club review video. [coming soon]

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About This Constant Profits Club Review

Full disclosure here.  Andrew is a trusted friend of mine.  I've known him since 2008 or so, and I promote his products from time to time.  When I do that, I make money — and you need to understand that.   Just wanted you to know everything — I'm a transparent sort of guy like that.


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