image This morning at 5AM, Josh Spaulding launched his new software, Deep Linker Pro.  Simply put, the program takes information about your website and submits your site to Web Directories.  Of course, these directories link back to your site, giving you a nice one-way back link.

This is a long review – if you want the short version, just know this:

I recommend the software.

For me, it is about 100 times less expensive than the outsourcing method that I was using just last week, and I plan to switch to it exclusively for web directory submissions.

Heads up: If you decide this software can help you and you make a purchase today, I am offering a bonus (described below) for people that purchase through my link.

Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of the introductory price (only available for a limited time).

Need more information? How about an interview with the man himself, recorded last night over Skype.  In this interview, Josh talks about why he wrote the software, what it can do, and how to best use it.


Why Do You Need Back links?

We’ve talked about this before (most recently when I offered the 62-second SEO tutorial), but let’s go over is again quickly.

Google needs to know two things in order to rank your pages.  Thing one: what is your page about?  Thing two: how important is your page compared to others?

That’s it.  If your page is about the topic (keyword phrase) that a person types into the Google search engine, and it is the most important page on that topic, it ranks #1 (and you get traffic).

And we all know that the most important thing that you can do to let Google know that your page is important is get back links to your site.  Period.

I Needed This Last Year

Last year I spent 3 weeks looking for a good fully-automated link directory submission tool.  All I could find was a mix of total junk and semi-automated tools.  Unfortunately, all of the good tools were semi-automatic only.

Quite frankly, that just did not meet my needs.  I need something that is fire and forget – and that is exactly what Deep Linker Pro is.

The stupid thing is that instead of writing the tool myself (like Josh did), I started paying people to submit links.  Right now, Deep Linker Pro supports about 600 Web Directory sites in fully automated mode.  That number will increase over time, too.  The service I was using charges about $0.10 per link (ouch).

So in my case, one run using Deep Linker Pro instead of paying for manual link submission pays for the software.  One Run.

Tuesday night I installed the software, entered the information for one of my sites, and pushed the submit button.  That took a couple minutes.  After that, I watched Jack Bauer kill bad guys on 24 and went to bed.  This morning when I woke up, the the software had submitted my site to 619 link directories. I could not believe it.

I am pretty excited about this.

The Software Is Simple

The Deep Linker Pro Software is really simple to use – just what I need for “Fire and Forget Marketing”.  The application has a nice tabbed interface shown below.  The home tab bring up the “latest news” from the Deep Linker Pro site.  You manage and add your sites on the My URLs tab.  The supported directories are in one tab, and your submission history is in another tab.  There are also tabs for the log and for doing manual submissions (for sites that have Captcha).


Here you can see just how easy it is to add a site that you want to promote using Deep Linker Pro.  Josh recommends that you create a separate email address for each site you submit, just so your inbox does not get jammed up with confirmation emails.

Once you add your information for your site, you simply click “OK” and your site is added to the Deep Linker Pro software.  Don’t get confused (like I did) and hit the Add New URL button again before hitting OK.  Your information will be lost and you will have to type in that screen again.


Once you press the start submission button, you can watch as your site is submitted to 674 (and growing) web directories.  You can see here a screen shot of the process log tab a few seconds after hitting the Submit button.  Each site takes from a few to several seconds to process.


Deep Linker Pro Problems

Well, I did not run into any problems, but there are a couple of features that I would love to see added.  The good news is that Josh promises that Deep Linker Pro updates will be free!  He is not saying exactly what feature is So, that is really exciting.

Features that I would like to see added include:

  • Automatic defeat of Captcha.  Some of the sites in Deep Linker Pro have Captcha.  I would like Josh to add automatic Captcha handling.  I am told that this is possible.  Josh is looking into the feasibility.
  • The ability to spin content.  I would like to be able to change the title, description, tags, etc. at random to get the max SEO benefit (by making the links look more diverse).  No promises, but Josh indicates this feature is planned.
  • More job control.  The ability to pause and restart the submission.  Related to that would be the ability to retry failed sites (like when a site is temporarily down, etc).  This really is not much of an issue now, but this seems like a good idea.
  • Ability to export and import site information.   If my VA enters all of my sites in the software, I would like to be able to move that information from her computer to mine for safekeeping and future use.

Deep Linker Pro Bonus

1000 Visitors in 24 HoursJosh has already provided an awesome bonus to go with Deep Linker Pro – The Ultimate Link Building Report.

If you buy Deep Linker Pro through my link, I’ll also include a special report from Jon Leger called 1000 Visitors in 24 Hours (in addition to the bonus that Josh is offering).

In this report, Jon discloses the methods he used to generate more than 500,000 views of his videos, resulting in thousands and thousands of visitors to his sites in just 40 days!

It is an excellent companion to The Ultimate Link Building Report.

I'll also include this list of 50 social bookmarking sites that you can use to supercharge your niche websites.
You know that social bookmarking sites are fantastic places to get links — and SEO Supercharger lists 50 great ones, sorted by Google Page rank at the time the list was compiled.

All you need to do is upload your receipt showing that you ordered through my affiliate link to my support desk  In most cases this will be a Paypal receipt or a ClickBank receipt.

Order Deep Linker Pro today.

The price is going up on April 5th, so don't delay.


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