We all get off track from time to time.  Because of that, we all need to know how to get back on track.  In this episode, I talk about the three steps that you need to take any time your life (or your projects) get off track.  The method is borrowed from Tony Robbins‘ Science of Achievement, and was recently discussed by Cliff Ravenscraft on his excellent podcast.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” — Christian D. Larson

I also take the next step in the Late Night Niche Site — where I reveal the niche that I will be working in as I build a site on the air.  It's the same site that I will be using inside of my Late Night Affiliate course, coming in a few months..

Show Notes

Here are the highlights of the things I have shared in this episode:

Getting back on track : When we got lots of things going on, we can sometimes end up with more to do than what we can actually do. We lose focus, we get off track and things don’t go exactly the way we want them to. But fret not as there is hope! It may not happen overnight but here are The Mandates or Keys to Effective Leadership (as shared by Cliff as one of his takeaways from a Tony Robbins’ The Science of Achievement talk) which includes steps you can take to move forward.

  1. See things exactly as they are, not worse than they are – This may be the most critical step as, not only have you let yourself down, but you may have failed someone as well when you gave your commitment but got off track and did not deliver. It can be a debilitating feeling but it is what it is. Own the fact that you missed your goal and tell yourself that this is not a world-ending crisis – that is pretty much the extent of it. Take inventory of what it means for you, see that there are still opportunities for you out there..it’s late but you can still do it!
  2. Visualize where it is that you want to go – Have vision and imagine what success looks and feels like. This will allow your mind to start finding solutions to get the ship turned to the right direction and get you where you need to be. Refuse to see things worse than they are and have the courage to see things better than they are.
  3. Commit to a goal and take action – Let the past stay in the past, commit to something and get it done. Don’t despair on what can’t be change and move forward. Rock and roll!

Updates on the Late Night niche site: In the past episodes, we talked about how to come up with a list of potential niches and how to narrow them down to find the one which is commercially viable and at the same time, is within your circle of interest. For me, it’s Youth Baseball and here are the criteria that this niche had met, for me to determine that this the one I want to work on:

  • Personal Level of Interest – I am currently coaching a youth baseball team and I have a 9-year old who is crazy about the sport.
  • Content Creation – there’s a ton of things to talk about youth baseball. There’s news and trends, best practices, tools, equipment and gear and so much more. I can talk about how to run effective baseball practices or how to be a good baseball coach. I can even tell personal stories which can interest my audience. The list is endless.
  • Commercial Viability – With gloves, training gears, bats, online training courses alone — these already have strong commercial opportunities are these items can be expensive and have affiliate marketing programs. From ads in Google and products in Amazon, baseball-related products are all out there.
  • Competition – looking at the competition in Google using words and phrases that I can be competing against, there are lots of websites in the space but there are none which are dominating the space. I am confident I can rank well.

Given all these points, Youth Baseball is the example niche that I will be working on while guiding you while you are working with yours. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitant to leave a comment in the show notes or send me a message!

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Episode 105 – How To Get Back On Track Transcript

As you can tell, I’ve gotten my deep sexy Barry White voice this morning because the weather is changing here in Texas and usually for me that comes with some kind of allergy or some kind of thing that I have to deal with. I feel fantastic, but I sound sexy. I don’t know what the deal is with it, but a little allergy medicine and I’ll be absolutely fantastic and just fine. Right now I’m sounding a little froggy, so I hope you’ll forgive me that today.

As I promised a few episodes ago, I wanted to talk to you this week about what it takes to get yourself back on track when you get off track. One of the things, especially when you’re trying to build a business on the side, is that you’re usually dealing with lots of conflicting priorities. This can happen even if you’re not building a business on the side and you’re just trying to do a lot of different things. You have, as we say down here in Texas, seven pounds of stuff in a five pound bag. Sometimes we’re a little bit more explicit about what the stuff is, but you get the idea. You have more to do than you can really do and you get your priorities out of whack.

For me, this is a real thing that has happened to me over and over again in my business. I’ve been building a business online since 2007 and I’ve made a tremendous amount of progress. We’re going to talk about some of the stuff that I’ve been able to accomplish since 2007, but compared to the goals that I’ve set… For those of you that have listened to the podcast, you know that I have gotten off track over and over again and had to reset the course.

I think a lot of people who are incredibly successful in whatever thing you want to look, whether it’s online business or in the real world, in the brick and mortar world, and you look at them and you think, “Wow, that person has accomplished so much, they’re doing so great. They must be really special.” I will submit to you that there are no overnight successes, there are no perfect people, they’ve all had their trials, tribulations, and struggles. One thing that everybody struggles with is this thing where you lose focus, you get off track, things don’t go exactly the way that you want them to.

For those of you that have been listening to a couple of episodes, you know that this summer for me everything went off track. I lost my father and my grandmother and was involved in not just the emotions of dealing with that, which were a lot bigger deal than I expected they would be, but also just picking up the pieces. Helping Mom move forward, dealing with paperwork, and all the stuff. When that happens, sometimes something has to give. All of these plans that I had for the summer for Late Night Internet Marketing were suddenly off track.

The question is what do you do about that? It turns out what you do about it was covered incredibly well by Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man, in a show where he talked about his experience with the science of achievement, which is a Tony Robbins concept. If you follow Cliff, you know recently he was at the Tony Robbins event in Dallas. This is one of the rare times where Cliff came to Dallas and I didn’t get to see him. He was so focused on the Tony Robbins event and so fired up that our paths were not able to cross, which is a really weird thing to happen. He learned an enormous number of things, pages and pages of notes he has from Tony. One of the things that he learned about was the science of achievement. That is something that applies here in this particular case incredibly well.

Years and years ago when I was a young engineer here in Dallas I had the opportunity to take a course that was offered by my employer called The Art of Power Goaling. It was a course that was similar to this idea, and maybe it was also derived from Tony Robbins’ work, where the science of achievement was described to me at that time. It applies so well in this case that I wanted to share it with you.

(Episode 105 Transcript Continued…)

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