This week we tackle a question that I get all of the time — How To Get Started Online.  Let's face it, getting a business up and running can be overwhelming when you are first getting started.  What new people need is the big picture that explains how to navigate the online jungle, and that's just what I provide in this episode.

I also talk about a 10-year-old SEO article and how remarkably accurate it is still today.

Get Started Online Show Notes


You want to have an online business but how do you start?

  1. Educate yourself about the different kinds of online business that are out there. Understand these and pick the ones which resonate to you. There are pros and cons in all these business models and here are few:
  • The blogging model where you write what you decide to cover and you work on monetizing your content.
  • Virtualizing your services by bringing it online so you can have virtual customers all over the world.
  • Affiliate marking where you create content specifically for the purpose of driving traffic to affiliate offers.
  • Creating your own content by becoming an authority I your space through podcasts, blogs, YouTube channel and creating digital products for sale.
  • Creating content and collecting ad revenue such as in the gaming industry.
  • The eBay business models where you buy and resell things.
  • The e-commerce models where you drop ship things.
  • Sell things in Amazon.
  1. Research your choice and become familiar with the thought leaders around that business model. Further narrow down what it is that you want to do and find a person/s who is currently successful at doing things in the niche you have chosen. Avoid the temptation of multiple gurus across multiple business models. Find someone you know you can trust and focus on following the person on your way to success.
  1. Invest. Spend the resources that you have wisely to get to the place where you want to get to and spend it in a way which maximizes return on investment. You can find free content and spend time and effort consuming them but you can also trade time for money by buying courses.
  1. Focus through to success. Once you decide what you will be working on and who to follow, do your best to drive this thing into completion. Drive this from start to profit. Do not get distracted by something new and end by stuck in the messy middle.


Here's my little butterfly that I mentioned at the end of the episode.


Links Mentioned In This Episode On Blog Content Ideas

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Getting Started Online Episode Transcript

I hope you’re having an absolutely amazing week where you’re getting all kinds of crazy stuff done on your business. It has been a super busy week for me.

One of the big highlights of my week was getting to go to my child’s elementary school and be what’s called a ‘watchdog.’ If you’re not familiar with the Watchdog program, it’s a program in the United States sponsored by The National Center for Fathering and the ‘dogs’ in watchdogs stands for Dads of Great Students.

It’s a program that schools can participate in and if you’re a dad you get to go spend the day at the school, essentially behaving sort of like an assistant principal with the responsibilities of volunteering in the classroom, hanging out with your child, playing at recess, and at my son’s school you get a pass that allows you to unlock and lock all of the doors, you patrol the hallways.

You just kind of hang out and be helpful and you get to be around your kid for the day, which is really cool. In my case, two kids in this elementary school. It was a whole lot of fun. In this particular case, I got to see my son in his kickball game. They’re having a big kickball tournament at the school to end the school year and his team is doing really well, they’re currently tied for first place. I got to go to art with my daughter and to her play rehearsal. It was just a really cool fun thing.

When I was in her art class, and the reason I mention all of this, there was a quote on the wall. I thought this was a particularly amazing quote for we the people of internet business.
(Episode 140 Transcript Continued…)


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