This week I take time to say “Thank You” to everyone that has made the effort to welcome the show back on the air.  The feedback help, and is much appreciated.   I talk about an interesting discussion that I heard on Mac Break Weekly some time ago regarding affiliate marketing and iOS9 ad blocker impact on advertising.  Also in this episode, there's a new internet marketing fortune cookie about taking action now, and a tech tip on Google Analytics.

Show Notes

Here are the highlights of the things I have shared in this episode:

  • “Live, think and act for today. Tomorrow may be too late.” – Late Night Internet Marketing Fortune Cookie of the Week.
  • I share my thoughts on something I heard from Mac Break Weekly: iOS9 and its ad blocker capability. Ads can sometimes be a pain and can affect performance as well as overall user experience but how can creators get paid if their ads are blocked? This is a legitimate revenue concern so I share with you a clip from Mac Break Weekly so you know where advertising is going as far as content is concerned.
  • Why we should not treat ad blockers as signals of gloom and doom but instead, see it as a sign to the advertising agencies and the blogging industry to slow down on ads and do affiliate marketing efficiently and effectively.
  • The huge percentage iOS is eating in the market share and what it means to you and advertisers; examples of how affiliate marketing works and why it makes sense to Om and Leo to use this strategy instead in the future that they envision.
  • About the recent installment from Google Analytics, Calculate Metrics, its features and all the wonderful things you can do with the tool.

Editors Note:  In the episode, I mention (and play a clip from) a “Mac Break Weekly) episode with Om Makik.  Actually, that clip is from This Week In Tech, Episode 522 (Show Title:  The Worlds Finest Panama Hat).  The clip comes from about 2 hours into the show.

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Episode 091 iOS9 Ad Blocker Impact Episode Transcript

This week on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast it’s a big thank you to everybody who has reached out to me and said welcome back to the air, that has felt really good. Also, we’re going to talk about this big thing that happened with ad blockers and what that means for affiliate marketing.

All this and more on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast….

Welcome back. I hope everybody is having an absolutely fantastic day, I know that I am. I just got back from my middle daughter’s magical feast concert. It’s a very competitive select choir at her high school. She’s in four choirs, this is my favorite by far. Let me give you a little taste

[choir singing]

If you’re into music from the 1650s, this is your kind of thing. Actually, this is an amazing sound. It’s about 24 singers. They did a whole magical skit and a meal and a concert afterwards and the whole thing. Very classy affair. When I entered the dining hall I was announced as “Mark of House Mason, first of his name.” Little throwback to Game of Thrones there. It was really good stuff.

For those of you that aren’t aware of this, I always sneak in some after the show comments after the ending music. If this is your first time listening to the show and you want to hear a little bit more of Pam, she’s going to be at the end of the show. By the way, I’m going to go ahead and make the crazy assumption that the copyright on some of this music from 1600s has run out.

We have a lot of really cool stuff this week and one of the things that I want to do before we get heavy into it is say a big thank you to all of the people that have taken the time to reach out to me on Twitter and on Facebook to tell me they’re glad I’m back on the air. I really appreciate that, it matters a lot to me. We discussed this two episodes ago about getting that kind of feedback where people are telling you the show that you’re doing really matters to them. That’s pretty huge, so I want to take the time to say thank you.

Even my friend down the street tweeted me and said, “I hear you, I’m on my way to the gym.” I heard from Crystal, Dustin, Kyle, Evan, and Leslie. I’m all over the place with this one. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

I also heard from a listener, Tom over at He has a pretty cool app over there you can check out. It’s basically gamification of challenges that you can challenge yourself to. It’s a little bit similar to some other apps that have been done, but this thing has the stake part, the gamification part, you have points that you can bid. People can cheer you on, they can join your challenge. I think this takes these kinds of things to the next level. Tom is a listener, so I wanted to give Tom a shout out over at If accountability is one of the things that you work on from time to time, go check it out and tell Tom you heard about him on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast. That will make him smile.

(Transcript continued on its own page, click here)

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