Motivation is the difference between success and failure when you are an entrepreneur – especially if you are flying solo.  This week, I've invited Dr. Jason Jones to the show to talk about the foundations of motivation and some practical tips that you can use to sustain your enthusiasm for your projects.  Dr. Jones has over 20 years of experience in motivational science and has been working in the real world helping people get and stay motivated for the last two decades.

Are You Motivated?

Seriously? Are you? Maybe sometimes? Well, I can tell you that oftentimes the difference between success and failure in internet business depends on motivation. That's why I asked my buddy Dr. Jason Jones to come and talk to us about the topic of motivation.

It turns out that Jason lives down the street from me. I've been meaning to get him on the show for some time.   Dr. Jones calls himself a corporate psychologist, but he is also a speaker, executive coach and Director of Executive Development at a Fortune 12 company. You've heard of the fortune 12 company (it's a familiar household name).

Over the last 20 years, Jason has studied and applied theories of leadership, motivation, and performance in both corporate and non-profit organizations. His Ph.D. dissertation was on motivation and job performance. He has consulted with several companies and served in leadership roles with the Integris Leadership Institute, Dobson Communication Inc., and now AT&T where I have responsibility for leadership development coursework and resources for more than 7000 executives worldwide.

In the interview, Jason talks about the importance of personal motivation.  We all want high levels of motivation because the give us confidence, joy, a sense of accomplishment, joy and tons of other great emotions.

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Episode 065 Transcript

This week we hear from author Jason Jones, an expert in motivation, the kind of motivation you’re going to need to be successful with your internet business. The crazy thing is he’s a listener from the down the street. Stay tuned for Jason and more, this week on the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast….

Notes from Mark

Another podcast on time, go crazy. We’re going to get right into it, Dr. Jason Jones has a lot to say. Dr. Jones is awesome and he’s all high tone for this show. I think it’s really cool that we can get somebody like this.

Dr. Jones is a corporate psychologist, he’s also a speaker and executive coach. He works at a Fortune 12 company. For those of you that aren’t familiar with that business lingo, he works for one of the 12 most successful high dollar companies in the world, a very big one that you’ve heard of, and he has worked there for nearly two decades. So he’s well qualified to talk to us on the subject of motivation, that’s what he does. That’s kind of the professional high tone view.

Motivation is really important and I think you should listen to what Dr. Jones has to say, and you probably should read one of the books that we refer to in the show; a book called Drive by Daniel Pink. You can find that on Amazon and you can also find it on Audible, if you’re like me and you prefer audio books over reading because you’re trapped in your car all the time. That works for people who listen to podcasts a lot of times. I highly recommend the book Drive by Daniel Pink.

The other thing I want to turn you onto is there are lots of ways to skin this. Jason is going to give you the PhD Psychologist view of the world and we’re going to reduce that down to practical stuff that you can really use. Then there’s also sort of what I’ll call the director marketer’s laypersons kind of view that’s based on these same ideas.

I’m going to point you to an episode of Internet Business Mastery that recently aired, The Secret to Endless Motivation. That’s very well aligned with the kind of stuff that Dr. Jones has to say here and you can hear it from Jeremy and Jason. Those two things agree really well and I think that’s a nice compliment to this episode.

Finally, the other resource that I want to point you to on this topic is a crazy interview that will just blow your mind that Pat did with Dane Maxwell where Dane talks about the kind of new age view of motivation that is way different than what Dr. Jones has to talk about. I think some of the roots of it come from the same place. Motivation in your subconscious, intrinsic motivation, it’s just a little bit further out there.

The kind of thing that Dane says in the interview is, “If you thought the world was flat and I told you it was round, you would think I was crazy, but indeed the world is round.” That’s how he justifies his thinking on that is that he’s one of the few guys that really understands the world is round on this topic. That’s a very interesting, maybe a little dangerous, way to think about things. I highly recommend that episode, it’s very interesting, that’s Episode 85 of the Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Without further delay, there’s four resources; my interview, Jeremy and Jason’s episode, Pat’s interview, and the book Drive by Daniel Pink. I recommend that you get all of those, because motivation is the key to success in internet business.

Let’s get to Dr. Jones…

Transcript continued from the Episode 065 Show notes

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