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First, I wanted to tell you about a few things that I’ve been up to. Last week I was in Atlanta attending the Niche Affiliate Marketing System seminar. That was a fantastic seminar, unbelievable amount of people that I met. Of course, I met Lynn Terry face to face for the first time, which was a super huge highlight of my trip.

Nicole Dean was there, and I got to eat lunch with her. That was really exciting. I met Willie Crawford and stood side by side with him and talked to him about internet marketing. There were other really cool people there that I had never met before, like Mark Hendricks. I got to spend 15 minutes one on one with Mark. I talked to Kevin Riley, I even spoke Japanese to him for awhile.

I just really had a fantastic time. Kathleen Gage was there. It was an amazing list. I encourage you to go over and look at it. The cool thing about that for you is I’m going to try and get each and every one of those people on the podcast to do interviews. I made a lot of great contacts there and had a lot of fun at the Niche Affiliate Marketing System seminar. It was really a great time. David Perdew puts on a cool gig.

If you’re looking to get into internet marketing, that’s a really great place to go and meet some heavy hitters. It’s really a neat event, because the way it’s structured there’s no pitching and no sales from the back of the room, so there’s no real pressure to buy anything. None of the speakers are paid to be there, they’re all sort of volunteers. They’ll sit down with you.

I spent a lot of time hanging out with Bob the Teacher, Bob Jenkins, who is just an amazing speaker and was helping people left and right. Scott Tousignant from Fat Loss Quickie. There were just a ton of people there and I had a great time. Atlanta is a great city and it was just time and money well spent. So, I encourage you to get out to an event like that if you ever have the opportunity.

Well, I’ve been working on some big projects. Of course, you’ve probably see the facelift over at MasonWorld.com, we’ve got a tweaked blog design there. I have been working on a membership site that I’ll be announcing later this month.

I can’t quite announce it yet, but I’ll tell you that it’s going to be something I’m certainly very excited about. I think you might be excited about it too. So, that’s where a lot of my time has been going. I will tell you that it an internet marketing membership site and it has to do with the very kind of things that we’re talking about on the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast.

With that I think what I’d like to do now is move into the feature segment and talk to you about how the six or seven business models that we’ve talked about over the last several episodes roll up into what I think is one ideal business model for internet marketing. Let’s get right to that.

It’s time for the feature segment.

Okay. Over the last several episodes we’ve been talking about the various business models available to internet marketers. We certainly didn’t cover them all, but we went through two important works that are available to you. One is the great book by Yanik Silver, and that’s available to you at MasonWorld.com/silver.

Then an excellent white paper by Jimmy D. Brown, I just love Jimmy D. Brown. That’s at MasonWorld.com/10ways, where Jimmy describes 10 ways that you can make 10,000 dollars a month or more from internet marketing. He describes some valid business models in there.

We went through a lot of those, and basically what we talked about were things like affiliate marketing. That was one of the big things that we talked about. You’ll recall that’s where you match offers with buyers and you get essentially what amounts to commissions on sales.

We talked about information products, which is an outstanding business model on the internet. It’s a way you can take things that you know, topics that you’re an expert in and sell them with very low overhead and very high return on investment.

We talked a little bit about eBay. We talked about membership sites. We talked about ecommerce. In the last episode we talked about blogging. Those were all the major internet marketing business models that we chose to cover. There are others that we won’t cover here. These are the ones that I feel are important.

Here in episode eight I want to talk to you about a business model that I think is approachable by everyone listening to this podcast. That is a niche affiliate marketing business model that combines all of the above business models, with the possible exception of eBay. We’ll have to talk about that a little bit. It combines blogging, ecommerce websites, it potentially can combine membership sites and information products, and it certainly takes advantage of affiliate marketing.

In this last business model let me describe to you what I think is really the ideal business model, particularly for beginning marketers that are coming into internet marketing, because it gives you an opportunity to showcase whatever skills you do have that you can bring to bear and develop a lot of new skills.

Imagine if you will, entering the internet marketing space, you’ve got the goal of making money online. What you want to do is figure out a way to do business on the internet. As Jimmy D. Brown says, “If you’re doing business on the internet you really only need two things. You need an offer and you need buyers.”

So, what your questions is would be how are you going to get buyers hooked up with offers. I submit to you that one of the best ways to do this is to establish a presence on the internet where you establish yourself as some sort of authority that has a following or is at least getting traffic from passive sources like Google. So, search engine traffic coming to your website, reading value added content that you’re adding to that website on a regular basis, possibly recommending products for which you have affiliate links.

If you’re truly an expert in the area, which I’m going to encourage you to pick an area that you either already are an expert in or you want to be an expert in, then in this website you can not only make product recommendations, but you can start to understand the market, start to understand what’s missing in the market and offer information products.

When you’ve got a loyal readership you can start to collect their email addresses and market to that loyal readership. You can market via email and you can make affiliate offers or offer your own products. If you get enough interest in your website you can certainly think of ways to offer a membership site where you get recurring commissions for members.

All of these things can be pulled together into one cohesive internet marketing model that is around one internet presence that you develop around one website. This website could be something that’s really easy to build on a platform like WordPress and is something that you can literally have up and running in a very short period of time.

Let me pause here and make sure I give a little credit where credit is due. I have been working on affiliate marketing and niche marketing for quite some time, and I didn’t invest any of this. As a matter of fact, I’ve learned these concepts from some of the best marketers in the industry.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Jason Van Orden and Jeremy Frandsen over at Internet Business Mastery. I’ve spent time following Andrew Hansen and his affiliate marketing techniques. In recent memory I have spent a ton of time over with Lynn Terry, who is a super affiliate over at LearningWithLynn.com.

I’ve integrated all of this into my own ideas about how internet business ought to be done, but all of these people deserve a lot of credit for pioneering these areas in their field. I encourage you to follow all of them. They’re all absolutely fantastic marketers and there are more where that came from. A lot of the traffic techniques that I know I learned from Josh Spaulding.

It’s important to me that you understand that some of the things I’m going to share with you throughout this podcast, in fact most of them, are not things that I invented myself, but rather they’re things that I learned from really capable internet marketers.

There’s an important lesson there. There is no reason for you reinvent the wheel either. I’ve got my own particular spin, things that I’ll describe for you that work for me. You should learn from someone who you trust and who you feel like knows what the heck they’re talking about.

That’s it for this episode in the feature segment. Basically, what we’re talking about now is integrating these business models that we learned over the last seven episodes. I’m going to be talking about some techniques to do that over the next few episodes trying to give you an idea about you can start your online business by building a web presence, making affiliate offers, developing information products, and doing marketing.

I’m going to give you a little hint, and that is my project that I’ve been working on aggressively is related to this area. That’s all I’m going to say about that right now.

Having said all that, I’ve got a really special treat for you. I told you that I’ve learned a lot from a lot of internet marketers and I’m about to introduce you to one that I have learned ton from. She is a power house. She describes herself as the mostly-sane internet marketer.

Of course, I’m talking about Nicole Dean. Nicole Dean has been the super affiliate manager for Jimmy D. Brown, she is an affiliate in her own right, she creates very high quality information products, she’s a great internet marketing coach and I’ve taken advantage of her services on numerous occasions. She’s really just wonderful. I’m very excited to present Nicole Dean as our guest interview for today.

And now the feature interview.

Mark Mason: Hi. This is Mark from MasonWorld.com and I am just thrilled, tickled pink to have Nicole Dean on the line today. Nicole has agreed to join us in our quest to find the three most important things that you need to know before you start your business on the internet and start trying to make money online.

Nicole is a marketer with an enormous amount of experience. She’s got multiple different streams of internet income working. She’s probably best known lately for her work as the affiliate manager for Jimmy D. Brown, but she’s also got her own products, she’s got her own websites, she’s got a fantastic blog over at NicoleontheNet.com. I just couldn’t be happier to have her today. Nicole, how are you today?

Nicole Dean: I’m doing great. I don’t know that I’ve ever tickled someone pink.

Mark Mason: Well, I think you probably know this, because we talk some over Twitter, but I have pink on the brain because I have actually a little baby girl coming probably this week. So, I’ve got a lot of pink thoughts these days.

Nicole Dean: I’m so excited for you. Do you have names picked out?

Mark Mason: I do have names picked out, but my wife and I have this tradition that we don’t let people know the name until the baby arrives and is safely in our arms, then we announce the name to the family that’s present there. So, the name will be announced over Twitter sometime after that.

Nicole Dean: How exciting. That’s best, because otherwise you get opinions and you don’t always need opinions.

Mark Mason: That’s right. That’s something I definitely don’t need an opinion on, because my wife has made up her mind.

Nicole Dean: How exciting.

Mark Mason: We’re very excited and blessed. Thank you for being on the phone today. I guess you know the story. I’ve been scouring the globe talking to successful internet marketers about really the three most important things that they want people to know or that they would tell someone who was trying to get started that would help them be successful.

I know, Nicole, you particularly could probably come up with a list of 100 things. It’s probably very difficult for you to pick three, but I was hoping that you could at least identify three of the most important things, if not the very top three that you think people really need to know about when they’re trying to get started making money online.

Nicole Dean: This is really difficult, you know that, Mark.

Mark Mason: You know what though? I’ve known you in one capacity or another for a long time and you’re really talented, so I know you’re up to the challenge.

Nicole Dean: Okay. Narrowing it down to three. I think if I was talking to myself back then and trying to give myself the advice that you are looking for I think the most important thing I would tell myself is to stop over thinking and just do.

That’s something that I see as a chronic problem with internet marketers, especially beginners. They’re looking for the one thing to make money online, but there are endless number of things that make money online. It all comes at you at warp speed and it’s, “Should I do this? Will this make money?” Well, yes that can make money. “Will this make money?” Well, yeah that could make money too.

If you’re still looking and over thinking and over analyzing everything a year from now and you haven’t chosen a path and taken action, then you will still be at zero dollars a year from now. That is not acceptable.

When I work with my coaching clients they keep saying, “Should I do this or should I do this?” Yes, pick one and do it. We’re not going to sit and talk about this for the next six months. Which one of these excites you the most? They both have tremendous potential, pick one and commit and do it.

Just to understand that a decision that you make now does not need to be the same thing that you’re doing a year from now, but you have to at least make the decision and throw something out there. Do you know what I called my websites when I first started? I called them petri dishes.

Mark Mason: Petri dishes?

Nicole Dean: Petri dishes, because a petri dish in science class you put something in it and see if it grows. Other people call them seeds, they’re much classier than I am, but I would say, “Let’s throw this petri dish out there and see if some fungus grows in it or not.”

If it did, great, then my experiment worked. If it didn’t, great, then I figured out that doesn’t work so well. Why? Should I invest more time into it to make it work or is it just a dud? Does it need to go in the sunshine and get some more attention? What does it need? Or is it just a dud and it just needs to be shuffled off so I can focus on these other things.

That’s not to say that you should throw up 100 different websites like I did, because that’s what you’ve got. You’ve got 100 websites to maintain and market, and that is another mistake that I made.

Mark Mason: Right, 100 unfinished projects.

Nicole Dean: They’re all finished, they’re all out there making some coin, but it’s still a nightmare. So, I’ve been in the process of selling off a lot of them. But, the biggest thing that I run into with my coaching clients is to stop over thinking. A confused mind always freezes up.

Mark Mason: It’s paralysis by analysis, right.

Nicole Dean: It is. I think it comes down to our basic psychology instincts that are fight or flight. You’ve got all this stuff coming at you and we run instead of fighting through it, we’re freezing and getting eaten by it.

So, it really comes down to just Adsense, does that work? Yeah, that works, and it works quite well in some capacities. Affiliate marketing, does that work? Yes, it works quite well. Creating your own info products? Yes, I get money from that. Getting clients? Yes, you can make a living from that too.

You’ve got to start somewhere and pick one thing and just take action on that one thing until it’s successful. Somebody brilliant coined the term FOCUS, follow one course until successful. So, that is something that I think people need to do and just to put their blinders on and pick one thing, do it until you’ve gotten success, and then you can always expand from there.

Mark Mason: That’s outstanding. Follow one course until successful. I’m writing that down, because I suffer from this. Part of it is people have good ideas and you get excited about your good ideas and it’s easy to get distracted.

I totally resonate with what you’re saying, and I think the listeners will too, particularly we’ve been covering in this podcast various monetization models and so people really very quickly are going to be at that point where they need to pick something or maybe two somethings that are closely related and move forward. So, that’s really good advice.

How about thing two?

Nicole Dean: Well, thing two is that while you’re doing that, while you’re choosing your business and while you’re growing your business you want to make sure, and I preach this all the time, because this another place where I totally bombed when I was building my business.

Mark Mason: I cannot imagine you totally bombed. Do you understand part of the magic is that, and I know you’ve talked about this yourself before, is that people who are listening to this call think, “It’s Nicole Dean, she’s perfect, she’s never made a mistake, she’s a wild overnight success.” They don’t see the years and years of failure. So, tell me about your total bomb.

Nicole Dean: Well, what I did is I planned my financial goals, but I didn’t plan my lifestyle goals at the same time. So, I ended up creating a job where I worked for myself instead of creating a business. I created a job and as Rich Schefren said I was working for a lunatic.

I love that. When he said that I saw him live and he said that and I just burst out. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, that’s true. I created a job and my boss is a lunatic. Who else would do this job that I’ve created for myself working all of these hours, being miserable, being stressed out?”

My head was going to explode, because I had thought that I had to do everything. Learning about internet marketing I was like, “I have to do videos, I have to do podcasts, I have to write articles and submit them, I have to build a list, I have to do all these things.” I thought I had to do all of it and I didn’t understand that I could just pick what I was really good at and do those things, and I could kind of let the other stuff fade away for awhile.

Mark Mason: Right.

Nicole Dean: I was running and running and miserable. I practically glued myself to my swivel chair and I was miserable. My lifestyle goals were not in line with my financial goals at all. Yes, my income was increasing, but I believe it was not increasing as quickly as it would have if I was working less and was more refreshed and had my lifestyle goals in line with my financial goals building my business with those two things being in sync.

They were not in sync. My lifestyle goals are not to work myself to death and be miserable and stressed out and burst into tears because I’m so not happy. That was the point that I managed to get myself into and I was miserable. I wasn’t making as much money as I should, partially because I was stressed out and miserable and I didn’t have those two things in sync.

When I talk with my coaching clients it’s the same thing, “Yes, I understand you want to make six figures and that’s fantastic and we can do that, but let’s look at what you’re going to be doing in order to do that and make sure that earning that money and building the business that you’re headed down this path with. Let’s make sure that’s not going to kill you. We need to make sure that we’ve got this setup and we’ve got all the paths of income and plans and systems in place there too, so that as things are growing you’re not in a downward spiral like I was.”

Those two things really have to be in alignment. If you only want to work 3 hours a day, then your plans need to take that into account.

Mark Mason: Right. I’m very sensitive to that, because as you know, I continue to maintain my day job. So, I’m very sensitive to these issues about spending time efficiently, working on the right things, and not creating projects that cause more permanent work down the line. So, I think that’s excellent advice. You need to think in terms of these kind of things. You know, fundamentally imagine yourself when you are successful what do you want things to be like. Right?

Nicole Dean: Yes, exactly. With your beautiful new daughter coming you’re going to want to be spending time with her, not going through customer support emails or maintaining websites or being stuck on something that you could easily hand to someone else to fix for you.

You really need to plan properly. This isn’t another place to get stuck, but it is something to definitely keep in mind as you’re making plans. There are certain business models that I will never ever do just because they don’t fit with my lifestyle. There are certain other business models that fit perfectly with my lifestyle, so that’s what I choose to do.

I absolutely agree with what you said. I like to always look 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years out from today. When I wake up I try to visualize those and see what I want them to look like, because if I don’t then how I can get there from here?

Mark Mason: Excellent. I understand that, and I think everyone will benefit from that. That brings us to thing three. Tell me about your third thing on your list.

Nicole Dean: Oh, I’m debating between outsourcing and live events.

Mark Mason: I tell you what I’m going to do for you special, this is a one time offer. It’s not available anywhere else, so you’re going to have to decide if you’d like to act now I’m prepared to offer you two additional things for a total of four. But, the value of this offer, you might think this is going to cost you 497 dollars or maybe 297, but actually it’s free for you today, Nicole. You can have both.

Nicole Dean: All right. Then I will start with outsourcing.

Mark Mason: So, you’re sold on the two. I got you over the hump there, you’re going to go ahead and commit to that?

Nicole Dean: It’s an offer I can refuse.

Mark Mason: Very good. Let’s start with outsourcing.

Nicole Dean: Outsourcing is something that I put off too long, and most internet marketers put off too long, because they think they can’t afford it.

Mark Mason: Right.

Nicole Dean: What ends up happening is one of two things, and I teach a course at OutsourceWeekly.com about outsourcing, and I also have a website, Shelancers.com, which is a directory of people that you can outsource to.

Mark Mason: Shelancers sounds like a late night cable TV show. But, that’s not a late night TV show, it’s actually one of your outsourcing resources, right?

Nicole Dean: Yes, it is.

Mark Mason: Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

Nicole Dean: With outsourcing, as I mentioned, I ended up creating a job for myself and I was working for a lunatic. What happens is one of two things. Either you struggle and struggle and can’t get over these road blocks, and outsourcing should begin then, should begin with when you run into your first road block, because if you cannot get that website up, you can’t get your list up, you’re stuck trying to get Amember installed, or whatever it is, you’re stuck and you can’t make money until you get past that road block.

That’s where you’d be amazed at how cheaply you can get people to do things for you. It’s amazing. I think people have this view of outsourcing that they think they have to invest way more than it really costs.

Mark Mason: Right.

Nicole Dean: There’s that first step. Either you wait too long to outsource while you’re struggling and you don’t think you can afford it, so you keep putting it off and you keep struggling and spinning your wheels trying to figure out everything yourself until you go crazy and either give up or the people around you are telling you this is never going to work. That builds upon that negativity and you keep procrastinating it longer.

When you go to someone and say, “How much is going to cost to fix this?” It may be 25 dollars. Seriously, it can be that cheap to get over this road block that you can be staring at for months.

The other hand, and what I ended up doing too, is I had created a job for myself and I was working for a lunatic, I was crazy, crazy, crazy. The more websites I built, the more money I made, the more customers I got, the more affiliates I got, the more joint ventures I got, the more work I was making for myself. I was punishing myself for my own success.

Mark Mason: Right.

Nicole Dean: Every month that I made more money I ended up more miserable. How unfair is that?

Mark Mason: It defeats the previous thing that you were talking about where you need to understand the lifestyle you want. One of the ways to get to that lifestyle, obviously, which is what you’re headed towards here is by outsourcing the things that you can outsource so that you can have the lifestyle that you want.

Nicole Dean: Exactly. So, as I said, the more I grew, the more work came from that. More spam comments, more emails, more customer issues, everything, more, more, more. Then I got into a problem where I was so busy fighting fires and managing everything that I didn’t have time to train someone to help me.

Then I was stuck and it became much more work for me than if I outsourced sooner. So, that was something that I put off way too long and I see that, again, being a chronic problem with internet marketers. They don’t think they can afford to outsource.

My argument is you can’t afford not to outsource, because either you’re going to be stuck spinning your wheels and that road block is going to be between you and the finished project, which can make you money, or you’re going to end up miserable and at a plateau not building the business that you’re trying to build, because you don’t have the help that you need.

That would be number three. Number four is just how incredibly important live events are. If there’s a seminar anywhere near, go to it, meet people. It’s not even about who’s presenting, the teachers, and the actual rooms, it’s about the networking after the sessions. It’s absolutely priceless.

I wish that I had gone to more events over the years, because every single time I go to an event, like a seminar or conference that’s related to internet marketing it drastically increases my income.

Mark Mason: Wow. So, you see a direct correlation between attendance at live events and your actual bottom line.

Nicole Dean: Yes. Without hesitation, yes.

Mark Mason: That’s very interesting. I’m excited to meet you for the first time at a live event in January.

Nicole Dean: Yes, I am too. I’m looking forward to that a lot.

Mark Mason: It’s going to be so much fun. Of course, we’re talking about NAMS, which I guess is Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems. I heard there are going to be some really heavy hitters there. I’m really excited to be part of that. You’ll be teaching, right?

Nicole Dean: Yes, I am. I’ll be in the advanced room, so I’m assuming you’ll be swinging in there for some sessions?

Mark Mason: I think you may see me in there a little bit. I’m excited about that. Jimmy’s going to be there, Lynn’s going to be there, so it’s going to be very exciting.

We’re talking about the top three or four things, you’re saying really that if you had to make a list of ten things that you wanted to communicate to somebody instead of making me pin you down to four, this is definitely in your top ten things that internet marketers should do is try to have face to face time with other internet marketers and attend live events and so forth. You think it’s that valuable.

Nicole Dean: Absolutely.

Mark Mason: That’s great.

Nicole Dean: You have to go there with the attitude of finding win-win situations, not there to hand out business cards and sell stuff. You go with the goal of communicating with other people and finding ways that you can help each other.

It absolutely, without question, without doubt has increased my income. I’m not even talking about speaking at them, I’m talking about just showing up.

Mark Mason: Right, I understand, from the networking piece of it alone. Neat.

Nicole Dean: Networking alone. Not even what you learn in the room, but that of course helps too. You get out of your regular routine so you just get ideas upon ideas, so it’s fantastic. The networking is where it’s at.

The NAMS event, David attracts fantastic, positive, wonderful people, and that’s why that event is so highly regarded. I’m absolutely honored that I get to be on the faculty there. I’m thrilled. I don’t get paid, heck I have to pay to get there, but I am absolutely honored and excited. I can’t wait.

Mark Mason: Excellent. I’m looking forward to that myself. So, those are four items, they’re excellent and fantastic, and are going to be incredibly high value. My listeners are going to be thrilled with those four items.

I have one more question for you. Any final thoughts and words of encouragement to people that are considering trying to move forward in their online business? What do you say to people that are trying to make this work? Is it possible, can it be done, what do you think?

Nicole Dean: Absolutely. It can absolutely be done. It’s a matter of focusing your energy and doing some marketing every day, and then constantly adjusting and evaluating what’s working and what’s not.

I look back at my website from 2004 and I just about throw up a little, they’re so bad. I’m not talking about design, I’m talking about overall effectiveness. It’s like its leaking money everywhere. If I stopped up that hole, if I moved that there I could make so much money from this website. What was I thinking?

That’s just a matter of learning. Then I go back in and I’m like, “I might as well do it.” I make the changes and then it increases my income.

Mark Mason: More likely now you make a list of the changes and hand them off to someone who you trust to make those changes for you. Right?

Nicole Dean: It depends. I kind of like dabbling in those too.

Mark Mason: You’re a reluctant outsourcer in some cases.

Nicole Dean: It’s not that I don’t trust other people, but I actually enjoy some of that.

Mark Mason: Sure. That’s probably the lifestyle design piece. I know people that are in this and every once in awhile they want to swing a little code. That’s what they want to do, it makes them happy. So, there’s no reason you can’t design your business to include things that keep you happy.

Nicole Dean: Exactly. I can’t record podcasts or write articles when I’m sipping wine, but I can adjust some web code.

Mark Mason: I understand that. I want to thank you for your time and I also want to be respectful of your time. Before we go, I get a lot of benefit from a couple of your resources and I was hoping that you could call them out, particularly your blog which I love. I’ll link to it in the show notes and we can talk about what’s on your blog.

Then a couple of your resources that I really like. One of them in particular, the Easy PLR resource. If you could talk a little bit about those two things real quick, because I think that would really benefit my listeners as well.

Nicole Dean: Of course, and thank you for asking. My blog is NicoleontheNet.com. On there I have my own podcast where I interview people that are successful online business owners and ask them questions about what kind of mistakes they’ve made, what they’ve had to overcome, what tools they use in their online business that they can’t live without, and basically some other questions about overall motivation, productivity, and getting out of our own way in order to get to success and get to earning our financial goals while meeting those lifestyle goals.

Mark Mason: I’ll just interrupt you and say that is one of my favorite podcasts. Some of those interviews are amazing and it’s an excellent companion to this podcast actually, which focuses a little bit more on the implementation and execution side. I highly recommend that to everyone who asks about it. I think it’s fantastic and I hope you just keep doing those forever.

Nicole Dean: Thank you, Mark. That was a whim that I came up with at a live event. Where did I meet most of my guests? At live events.

Mark Mason: There you go.

Nicole Dean: The other resource that you mentioned was Easy PLR. I started that website back in 2006, and we sell PLR articles there, which are basically, the easiest way I can explain it are drafts. You can purchase article drafts that you can use on your blog, on your website, in your ezine, or even in offline publications if you send out a newsletter to train people.

You can edit them, you can put your own name as the author, I definitely always encourage you to add your own thoughts, experiences and stories to them so that they become your own, but it’s a great shortcut for busy marketers. Pretty much all of my resources are geared towards busy marketers, because I think we all are.

Mark Mason: Right. I certainly am, and I use that resource. One of my favorite places to use that is if I’ve got a product that needs an autoresponder series, because you have some excellent ecourse products.

So, what I will do is exactly what you just described. I’ll go to EasyPLR.com, find what I’m looking for, download that, and then load it into the autoresponder, but as I’m loading it I edit it into my voice. I throw 30 percent of it away usually, because it’s not exactly aligned with what I’m trying to do, and I add my own stuff in.

It keeps me from being there staring at that blank screen and trying to decide how to start. I’ve got something I can work with. I’ve told you this before, but the quality is really high. That’s the reason I use your stuff, because the quality is so high.

Nicole Dean: Thank you. You also know that we limit it, so it’s not recycled all over the internet.

Mark Mason: That’s right. That’s another thing I like about it. I will say that one time I needed a copy of something that was sold out and I submitted a ticket to your ticket system and asked if I could buy an additional copy thinking maybe I could sneak one in. The person who answered the ticket said, “No, I’m sorry that’s sold out.”

Nicole Dean: That’s good. We’re very ethical. If I say we’re selling 75 copies, we’re selling 75 and not a single one more.

Mark Mason: I know Jimmy is that way too. When copy number or membership number 1,000 goes, he’s done. It’s not negotiable. I love that about him and I know you’re the same way.

Integrity is a really great point of differentiation. I always tell people if they want to differentiate themselves in the internet marketing space, the easiest place to do is transparency and integrity, because there’s so much other stuff out there that doesn’t meet that criteria. It’s an easy way to get head and shoulders above a bunch of the competition.

Nicole Dean: Exactly. How are people supposed to trust me unless I prove myself trustworthy?

Mark Mason: That’s right. Well, I appreciate your time, you are trustworthy, and I appreciate your time with your trustworthy comments today. I know my listeners really appreciate it too, so on behalf of them I want to say thank you. I’m really looking forward to talking to at NAMS and meeting you live and in person the first time in January.

Nicole Dean: I’ve got a hug with your name on it.

Mark Mason: Very good, I’ll look forward to that. I will bring baby pictures.

Nicole Dean: You better.

Mark Mason: Okay. I’m sure you’ll see some before that, but I’ll actually bring physical pictures. Can you still do that? Can you still get physical pictures or do you have to show them on your iPhone?

Nicole Dean: I prefer physical pictures.

Mark Mason: Okay, very good. I’ll bring you some physical pictures. You have a great day and thank you very much.

Nicole Dean: Thank you, Mark.

Mark Mason: Bye.

Okay. That does it for this episode of the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast. I’m Mark Mason, hoping that you have a fantastic day.

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Thanks again for listening to the Mason World Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast, building internet businesses one night at a time. Have a great day.

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