Several months ago, I discussed how you can easily brainstorm a list of great niches that you can evaluate when you are trying to start an online business (especially for affiliate marketing).  In this episode I talk about how to pair that list down to a few “good” niches that you can choose from.  It is a simple answer to the age-old question of how to pick your first niche.

Show Notes

Here are the highlights of the things I have shared in this episode:

  • We go through some listener feedback regarding niche selection and the two things that I can say about the selection process:
    • Don’t stress it out! There’s no magical niche so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.
    • If you are running out of ideas, remember that anything that is being sold represents a possible niche.
  • Coming up with niche options: If you are brainstorming for niches and you need ideas, just browse around Amazon and you will be presented with a barrage of options which could jumpstart your thought process.
  • Picking THE one: Once you have that long list of selections, I recommend narrowing it down to one especially if this is your first website. You can do this by evaluating key areas and scoring these niches in terms of quality of the following:
    • Personal level of interest: Is this a good niche for you? Gauge your personal level of interest in the niche.
    • Content creation: Can you name some big topic areas that will be relevant to your site? Address whether or not there is way to generate content about the site and determine if there are areas in this niche that you can write about. After that, ask yourself if you have topics or questions for each one of these areas which you can fit in this box.
    • Commercial viability: Are people buying products in this niche? Take a look at the Amazon product reviews or check the niche out in Google.

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Episode 103 – Choose First Niche Transcript

Summertime has been over, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the mic. I have had a crazy summer. I’m sort of a full transparency guy here at Late Night Internet Marketing and we have just been rocked by events in my family over the summer that just have completely derailed everything.

I think probably in Episode 105 one of the things that we’re going to talk about is what you do when you’re a solo entrepreneur and your life gets knocked completely off the track. There are ways to recover and things you need to do, and we’ll talk about that in Episode 105.

In my case we just had a crazy summer. First of all, my dad has been battling cancer over the last 20 years and we lost him on July 1st. Dad and I were very close. It was a very difficult time for me and my mother, my brother, and our extended family. When those kinds of things happen it really brings everything into focus and you tend to really niche down to the things that matter most, which for me was taking care of Mom and getting affairs in order. Quite frankly, sometimes when those kinds of things are going on it’s a little bit hard to get fired up about things like turning on the mic and putting out a podcast. That’s something that I think is understandable. I don’t offer it as an excuse, it’s just that is really what happened.

Then exactly a month later my dad’s mom passed away, so I lost my grandmother and my dad in the span of a month. It was just a crazy summer. On top of that you throw down some family vacations and lots of other things that are going on and it has just been nuts.

But, I am back. The kids are back in school, we’re back on a regular schedule, things are looking good. My Fall Little League baseball team is up and running. We won our first game 11 – 4. Things are good.

For those of you that were anticipating the release of my niche website course, the affiliate marketing course that is going to be coming out called Late Night Affiliate, that course is still in the works, still planned. People who sign up on the early list over at are still going to get ridiculously low introductory pricing for that when it comes out. It will be coming out this fall. It’s late for the same reason that I just gave, my life took a left turn there but we’re back on the road now. If you are interested in understanding the right way to start an affiliate marketing website online that course will be launching and you’re welcome to sign up to get notifications over at

Today I want to start by dealing with some feedback that I got from some previous episodes regarding niche selection.

(Episode 103 Transcript Continued…)

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