Understanding Facebook Ad Manager can seem really intimidating when you first open the application.  After all, there are all these different tabs that are not well explained, and lots of terms being used with which you may not be familiar.  In this episode, I break down the hierarchy of Facebook Ad campaigns and try to give you the information you need to understand Ad manager.

We also talk about how the five people that you spend the most time with in your life may be holding you bace.

Show Notes


When you get into the Facebook Ad Manager, you may not be aware of this but you can choose whether you use the ad manager that’s attached to your personal Facebook account or you upgrade to the business ad manager, which is a more heavy-weight version, for free. The business ad manager allows you to manage multiple properties or pixels. To be organized, you need to understand there items: campaigns, ad sets and ads.

Campaign – this contains or is made up of one or more ad sets. It is important to know that each campaign has an advertising objective. This is the beginning in structuring your advertising activity on Facebook. You will use the Ads Create Tool to create the campaign by defining the objective on what you are trying to accomplish with your ads — do you want more page likes, clicks to your website, conversions, getting engagement or app installs, responses to your event, views to your video, etc. This is where you can easily turn your campaign on or off and where you can look at performance.

Ad Sets – this contain one or more ads or basically, a collection of ads. This is where you are going to make a decision on who your ads are targeting, what your budget is, the schedule for running your ads, bidding for the ads, where you are going to place them, etc. All of these happen in the ad set level. Two totally different audiences will need two different ad sets with different graphics, appeal and calls to action. They will work differently as well so your targeting for each ad set should be different. You can set daily and lifetime budgets for these ad campaigns at this level.

Ads – the creatives that you actually make, the ad that you actually run. You will have different ads for different target audiences thereby you can have different creative pieces which are effective in different ways.  You can test these different creatives to understand which one works the best. By their automatically split testing inside the ads manager, Facebook will be able to figure out which one is the most effective, optimizing your campaign to the fullest for that certain demographic.


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Understanding Facebook Ad Manager Transcript

I have had a fantastic and busy amazing week since we last spoke working on all kinds of crazy things in my business, including my 100K Factory journey. You’ll recall that I am working on this drop-shipping model building a little niche store and working on trying to drive Facebook traffic to this niche store and convert that traffic into profitable sales of physical items that I will drop-ship from China. This has been really interesting to me.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to do this is it’s a fantastic way for me to learn Facebook advertising, or at least a facet of Facebook advertising, from a couple of guys that have spent hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars on Facebook ads. A lot of times when you want to learn something the only way you can really learn it, or maybe the best way to learn it effectively is to learn it from someone who is actually doing the thing that you want to learn about.

That’s one of the things that you have to watch out for, quite frankly, when you buy courses and do things on the internet. Are you learning from someone who is actually doing the thing that they’re talking about? Most of the time on this show we talk about things like SEO and affiliate marketing and things that I actually am doing on a day to day basis. One of the reasons that I maintain niche websites is so that I can learn things and explain them to you. If I just tell you about the things that I learned four years ago, like a lot of internet gurus do, or the things that worked once for somebody else that I’ve heard about, that’s a little shaky.

In order to have credibility I keep doing the things that I’m doing in part so that I can have credibility when I talk to you. When I took this Facebook related drop-shipping course I wanted to learn from some guys that are really doing it. These guys are really doing it in spades. They have warehouses and stuff, so it’s a big kind of seven figure operation that they have, maybe eight figures in some cases. It has been very interesting.

I’ve been working on it and I’m building a Shopify store. We’re going to talk all about that.

(Episode 134 Transcript Continued…)

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