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This week, we continue our discussion about Wordpress SEO Tips with Shane Eubanks.  This is part two of our interview with Shane (we started this interview in last week's show).

Special thanks to my very special Frog Friend for kicking off  the show.

WordPress SEO Tips

This week we finish coverage of Shane Eubanks' top 23 WordPress SEO tips.

You can get the complete list of tips on Shane's blog, where he outlines his genuine WordPress SEO tips.

Hope you enjoyed she show.

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Episode 024 Transcript

Episode 24: WordPress SEO Tips Part 2 – More with Shane Eubanks

I’m back. You missed me. Thanks for all the cards and letters and emails I’ve had all kinds of craziness here in Texas. Of course, we had tornadoes. Luckily, I was not a victim of any tornado. That’s not a good excuse for podcasting delays, because the tornado did not hit my studio so I can’t really use that as an excuse. But, there was a lot of tornado related excitement around here over the last week.

I had a birthday. Thank you to the 40 bajillion people who wished me happy birthday on Skype and on Facebook. I guess Facebook notifies you, so I got a lot of people writing on my personal wall and that was really cool. Thank you very much for all of that. I had a great party. My parents came up and we cut a cake and went out and had a nice steak and all that. That was really cool. Thanks to Mom and Dad for showing up and doing that.

The week kind of got away from me. A lot of things going on in my day job as well, lots of changes and excitement going on there that are affecting me pretty dramatically in a happy way. Just a lot of stuff going on and I’m a few days late here.

What I have for you today is the back half of the interview with Shane Eubanks. You’ll remember in the last episode, which was approximately a week ago, we started talking about WordPress SEO and particularly Shane came on and talked about the first five of 23 tips that he has for WordPress SEO, really good stuff.

He is, as you will recall, a real live SEO, he does that for his day job. He does a lot more than just SEO, but that’s one of the many things that he does. The fifth tip that he left us with was a tip about using a premium framework. He recommended Genesis, which is what he uses, or Thesis, which is what I use.

We’re going to pick that interview back up right now with tip number six. I will tell you that I’ll be back on schedule a couple of days from now on Thursday with a follow up piece related to SEO where we’re going to be talking about all of this deindexing and blog network attack that Google has been bringing to us the last couple of weeks. We’ll get you all caught up to date on that and I’ll let you know what I think about backlinks and what we do in the new world order where blog networks are being deindexed.

For now, we’ll get back to the WordPress SEO tips from my friend Shane Eubanks.

Transcript continued from the Episode 024 Show notes


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