LNIMV003 – Using Empathy In Your Affiliate Marketing


Today’s blog was inspired by Jeremy and Jason at Internet Business Mastery.  They recently published an episode about empathy being the most important word in marketing.  Here, I discuss how this applies to affiliate marketing just as they predict.


I just wanted to let you know that I was listening to one of the latest episodes of Internet Business Mastery where they cover the most important word in marketing. What they say is the most important word in marketing is empathy.

I like that because basically what it speaks to is getting in the head of the people that you’re trying to sell to. If you’re building affiliates sites, I don’t think there can be anything that’s more powerful than that, because basically what that’s telling you to do is to think about what people need, what they’re searching for, and provide them the information that they need to make a purchasing decision. Help them out, be empathetic, understand what it is that they’re looking for, what they’re going through, and what they need, and meet that need on your affiliate website.

That gives you a good strong website that adds value in the conversation and entitles you to a commission on those products.


Tigue Burgess
Tigue Burgess

I listened to that IBM podcast recently too. It reminds me of their advice to create an "avitar" of your ideal customer so you can better identify with them. Knowing who you are selling to will help you empathize with them.

Mark Mason
Mark Mason

Yep - that's where I first learned about avatars. A lot of the things that I know about internet marketing first came from Jeremy and Jason -- especially the stuff about how to think about internet business (mindset).


It is that whole pain /pleasure thing. Learn the pain, fix the pain and your gold!

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