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MW015 – Getting Serious And Going Weekly

MasonWorld Podcast

This is the podcast where we talk about how to build internet businesses one night at at time.

We’re Going Weekly, Your Word For 2012, Unique Content And More

This is the podcast where we talk about how to build internet businesses one night at at time.

This week on the MasonWorld Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast we look at

  • Late Night Reader. A quick look and some commentary on what’s in my Google Reader this week.
  • Late Night Marketing Motivation. Weekly tips on staying motivated when you are building your business.
  • Late NIght Affiliate Marketing Tips. Weekly tips about how to do affiliate marketing effectively.
  • Late Night Chat.  No chat this week — but an amazing guest lined up for next week.
  • Late Night Listener Feedback – answering affiliate marketing questions left by email and on the Late Night Feedback Line at 214-444-8655

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Going Weekly

Big decisions about the brand and my direction in 2012 mean that I will be producing weekly episodes of the podcast!   My focus will be on Talking about, Teaching and Doing affiliate marketing in 2012.

Late Night Reader

A quick look and some commentary on what’s in my Google Reader.  If you are anything like me, you have no chance of getting to all of the great posts on the internet.  Unfortunately, I can’t really solve that for you, but I do keep my eye out for great stuff, and I love to share.

A post by Christine Kane — don’t be like the people at the gym; pick a single word and use it as a touchstone


A post by Jon Leger, where he describes an experiment that suggests google values back links from unique content.


Late Night Marketing Motivation

Weekly tips on staying motivated when you are building your business.

Make sure that your goals are SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Late Night Affiliate Marketing Tips

Weekly tips about how to do affiliate marketing effectively.  Real stuff that really works.

This week we talk about the importance of Transparency and how to decide whether or not to use your own name in your internet business.  My point of view may surprise you.

No Late Night Chat This Week 

Whenever possible, I love to chat with real internet business people about what is working for them.

Next week, we have an interview with Podcasting Guru Cliff Ravenscraft

Late Night Listener Feedback

I really want to always make this podcast about you (the listener).  So, I love to answer listener questions.  Send me some (214-444-8655).

This week, we talk about some feedback that I gave a listener about my recommendation for Article Marketing Software.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think about the podcast.  Better yet, I’d love to answer your question about Internet marketing on the show.  Just drop me a line here on the blog or on the digital recorder at 214-444-8655.   Don’t worry, there are no stupid questions.    Unless you tell me not to, when you ask a question or leave a comment might even use it on the show.

When the transcript is available, it will be here with all the other MasonWorld Late Night Internet Marketing Transcripts.

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Hey Mark, Good to see you are going to get serious! I've enjoyed listening to your initial podcasts and was missing them, so it will be good to add them to my iPod again. Between you, Pat Flynn and Sterling and Jay I definitely get a great fix of information.Also looking forward to part of your interview with Cliff.



Mark! Congrats on taking it weekly! Nicely done :) I can't wait to listen. Crazy thing but I started listening to your show way back when you started. I got sucked in when I listened right after you got your Libsyn account (I was prepping the apps). I ended up subscribing :)

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft

I'm still listening to this and I TOTALLY agree with you about the transparency issue! Love your thought of using another name and explain why!

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft

LOVE IT MARK! Congrats on the commitment to making this all it can be! I love that you have a jingle! Also cool to have that bumper from Jason!


@YoGeek Wow -- that makes you among the very first. Thanks for hangin' in!


@Cliff Ravenscraft I think most people are very understanding when you tell them what you are trying to do and why you are trying to do it. If you try to trick people (and they find out about it), they tend to get really angry,


@Cliff Ravenscraft Thanks man. Looking forward to working with you on this podcast. Listeners are going to love the interview with you next week (may have to split it into two parts). Thanks for dropping by!

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